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Apple has finally rolled out its very first credit card, but the company appears to be concerned that users will damage the new product before they can use it, warning of the many things that could destroy the card, fueling taunts online.

Months after its first announcement, Apple officially launched the new project this week, offering both a digital version built into its Wallet app, as well as a physical card that can be swiped. Although the card is constructed from titanium, Apple has released a opinion for online users listing the many ways the card can get damaged. Fabrics, hard surfaces, other cards, magnets, poor cleaning: there is apparently not much that habit destroy Apple’s new credit card.

The company suggests storing the card in a “A wallet, pocket or bag in flexible materials”, but excludes fabrics like denim and leather, as they “Could cause permanent discoloration which will not fade” – in other words, denim jeans and leather wallets are off the table.

If a user accidentally let the fragile product brush against their Levis, don’t worry, Apple has you covered: “Wipe gently with a soft, slightly damp, lint-free microfiber cloth” the company suggests, but in no case “Glass or household cleaners, compressed air, aerosols, solvents, ammonia or abrasives” to be used. These, too, could render the card unusable.

Apple has also instructed customers on how to carefully insert the card into their wallet (not leather or jeans), “Without touching another credit card”, add “If two credit cards are placed in the same slot, your card could be scratched.”

Magnets? Forget that. “If your card is placed near a magnetic latch on a purse or bag, the magnetic strip may demagnetize” Apple cautions. The tech giant ends its brief instruction manual with one final tip, urging customers, indeed, not to allow the card to come in contact with any other object that might be “abrasive,” including keys.

To say the least, Apple’s customers weren’t impressed, joking that the company would soon introduce accessories to protect the delicate product, to the tune of hundreds of dollars.

However, perhaps users could view the card’s fragility as a feature rather than a bug – saving them money by leaving it at home, where it is safe.

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