Blawnox officials plan to raise property taxes by about 10% as part of next year’s budget


Blawnox homeowners may have to dig a little deeper into their wallets to pay property taxes, as borough officials plan to raise rates by about 10% next year.

The Council voted 5-0 to announce its preliminary 2023 budget and tax order on Nov. 9. Advisers Meghan Kennedy and Katie Specht-Coban were absent.

The tax rate should increase by one thousandth, from 9.85 thousandths to 10.85 thousandths.

The hike would mean someone with a $100,000 home would pay about $100 more in property taxes. The plan is expected to be adopted at the December 13 board meeting.

A plant is expected to generate approximately $44,000 in additional revenue for Blawnox.

Several messages to each council member went unanswered.

“We had to increase (the taxes) for the increased costs on all utilities, services, salaries,” Borough Director Kathy Ulanowicz said.

“It was a tough budget season,” Ulanowicz said. “It was difficult for us to have to raise taxes in Blawnox. Nobody wanted to do it, but there was no way around it.

The last time Blawnox increased the taxes was in 2015. The mileage then went from 9.35 mills to 9.85 mills.

Projected revenue and expenses are approximately $1.485 million, an estimated increase of $80,000 in both categories this year’s budget.

Income includes $752,000 in property taxes; $273,700 in Bill 511 taxes such as labor income, local services, and mechanical appliance taxes; $50,000 in intergovernmental funds; $25,100 in licenses and permits; $21,000 in service fees; and $11,750 in fines.

The budget documents also mention approximately $251,000 from other funding sources such as transfers from water, sewer, garbage collection and capital funds.

The expenses include approximately $422,000 for the police; $275,700 for public works; $230,000 for benefits; $113,000 for executive and general government, including administrative salaries, advertising, and office supplies; $48,000 for engineering; $45,600 for the fire department; $33,300 for accounting and financial administration; $20,150 for tax collection; $15,000 for legal services, $14,000 for parks and recreation; and $12,000 for information technology.

Ulanowicz said a few projects are planned for next year, including resealing the borough building to handle some water issues and renovating the community park basketball court.

Costs for both are still being assessed, the official said.

The proposed budget is available for review at the Borough Office, 376 Freeport Road.

It was also published on the borough’s website under its finance section,

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