Corrado Market in Brick, NJ Evicted from Laurel Shopping Square


The idea of ​​a grand opening date for this supermarket was nice while it lasted.

Remember a A few weeks ago when I told you that the Corrado market in Brick was to open on the 4th of July? There is bad news…

What’s going on with the Corrado market in Brick?

We’ve been waiting long enough for the coveted Laurel Square supermarket to open. The store was first announced in the summer of 2019 but was blocked due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Then a sign for rent sparked rumors that the market may never open!

Our fears were allayed just a few weeks ago with the news of the 4th of July opening, but now signs on the store window once again indicate that our hopes and dreams for the Corrado market are in trouble.

According Shore beat brick, the courts evicted the supermarket from the Laurel Square Mall. Eviction notices were posted on store windows. It can’t be good.

Will the Corrado market in Brick open one day?

The future of the store seems up in the air at this point. By Shore beat brickthe lessor is now in possession of the building and the owners are aware of the eviction.

It is unclear whether this could be reversed or not. I don’t know whether to keep hope for an opening on July 4, or even an opening at all.

It seems like such a disappointing ending for a market we’ve all been looking forward to. Hopefully, the journey to opening the Corrado Market in The Brick isn’t over yet.

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