FC Tucker teams up with Howard Hanna


FC Tucker Company, Indiana’s largest private real estate company, and Howard Hanna Real Estate Services, one of the largest real estate companies in the United States, get together sell more houses.

“The best part about this alliance is that it’s a true partnership where FC Tucker’s agents and clients benefit from the vast resources of a leading national real estate broker,” said Jim Litten, CEO and former owner. unique from FC Tucker.

Litten relinquished his 100% ownership to enter what he called a “four-way partnership” with Howard Hanna and two members of Litten’s management team, President Patrick Purdue and President of Residential Real Estate Services Donna Kreps.

Howard Hanna now becomes the majority owner of FC Tucker, but local management remains the same.

“We are stepping into the future of FC Tucker by fulfilling our long-term strategic plan to grow the business and solidify our status as a dominant real estate company in Indiana by forming this unique partnership with Howard Hanna,” said Litten .

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Benefits of the Tucker and Hanna partnership

A clear benefit for both companies is the ability to pool their resources when helping clients relocate between states served by the partnership. By grouping listings together, sellers will see their homes appear in more searches and buyers will have an easier time doing this. long distance travel.

The partnership will also better position Tucker in the future, Litten said.

“Our business has been around for 100 years. But we needed a succession plan that would carry it over the next 100 years,” said Litten. “I’ve always had a philosophy in life that one of two things happens: you either grow up or you die. The same happens with organizations.”

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Howard Hanna’s journey

Howard Hanna currently operates in 11 states, with a presence in mid-Atlantic states such as Maryland, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. The company also has offices in Ohio and Michigan.

The Pittsburgh-based company also has partnerships with other real estate companies..

In fact, it was the friendliness of the relationship between Allen Tate Realtors, who operate in the Carolinas and in partnership with Howard Hanna, that led the management of FC Tucker to consider teaming up when management began to consider the next phase for the company.

“Both companies have a legacy of family and local ownership and a similar set of values ​​and culture, making this alliance a natural progression for both organizations,” said Purdue.

As big players in the private real estate game, Litten and Howard “Hoddy” Hanna, III have come to know each other over the years and have watched their respective businesses evolve into what they are today.

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“Over the years we have admired this company and its leadership – and as wonderful as our historic companies are, I believe that by working together the future is even brighter,” said Howard “Hoddy” Hanna III, chairman of Hanna Holdings.

Howard Hanna has been a family business for over six decades.

“We understand family businesses because we are family in every sense of the word,” said Helen Hanna Casey, CEO of Howard Hanna Real Estate Services.

“It doesn’t matter whether you are related or have joined the family as an agent or employee, we value our people and their contributions every day – and we look forward to reuniting the families of Howard Hanna and FC Tucker,”, Hanna Casey said.

The financial terms of the agreement between the two companies are private and will not be disclosed.

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