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Towards the middle of 2021 college football regular season, let’s take a look at the latest college football bowl screenings! Who should we expect to be included in the playoffs and who could these teams shoot in their closing games?

Even now, it is still too early to have a clear idea of ​​the accuracy of the 2021 College Football Bowl projections. Most teams have played 6-7 games at this point. This still leaves room for the 1 and 2 win teams to potentially embark on some strong end-of-season races. We have seen it happen before. As we all know college football can be crazy like this.

Nonetheless, while things are still on the move, a rough pecking order has been established at this point. This is something we can work with as we craft our first college football bowl projections. With that said, let’s get into our first projections – starting with the December games.

Most conference inclusions are determined by bowl-specific links for Power Five conferences, as well as the CAA, Sun Belt, MAC, West Mountain, and United States Conference. However, when there are not enough teams from a specific conference that qualify, the available place is taken by an opponent from the remaining qualifying group.

Bahamian Bowl: Marshall v Kent State
Curing bowl: Liberty vs. East Carolina
Boca Raton bowl: Western Kentucky vs. San Jose State
New Mexico Bowl: UAB vs. Boise State
Independence Bowl: BYU vs. Army
Loan Tree Bowl: Central Michigan vs. Southern Alabama
Los Angeles Bowl: State of Utah vs. USC
New Orleans Bowl: Charlotte vs. Louisiana
Myrtle Beach Bowl: Troy vs. Wyoming
Idaho Potato Bowl: Bullet State vs. Fresno State

Frisco bowl: Appalachian State vs. Atlantic Florida
Bowl of the Armed Forces: Memphis vs. Buffalo
Gasparilla bowl: Virginia Tech vs. Toledo
Hawaii Bowl: Nevada vs. UTEP
Camellia bowl: Miami (OH) vs. Hawaii
Fast Track Bowl: Northern Illinois vs. UCF
Military bowl: Louisville vs. Tulsa
Birmingham Bowl: Air Force vs. State of Mississippi
First Responder Bowl: North Carolina vs. UTSA
Bowl of Freedom: South Carolina vs. TCU

Holiday Bowl: Oregon State vs. Houston
Guaranteed rate bowl: Iowa State vs. Coastal Carolina
Fenway bowl: Boston College vs. SMU
Pinstripe bowl: Virginie vs. Notre-Dame
Cheez-It Bowl: Clemson vs. Texas Tech
Alamo bowl: Texas vs. Utah
Duke’s Mayo Bowl: North Carolina State vs. Wisconsin
Musical City Bowl: Minnesota vs. Florida
Las Vegas Bowl: Maryland vs. UCLA
Alligator bowl: Purdue vs. Tennessee

Sun bowl: Wake Forest vs. Arizona State
Arizona Bowl: San Diego State vs. West Michigan
Outback Bowl: Penn State vs. Arkansas
Citrus bowl: Michigan State vs. Auburn
Texas Bowl: Texas A&M vs. Baylor

New Year’s Six and College Football Playoff Screenings

Now let’s move on to the famous New Years Six – a collection of top tier boules games that includes the Sugar Bowl, Rose Bowl, Fiesta Bowl, Peach Bowl, Orange Bowl, and Cotton Bowl.

The first four bowl games are all standard bowl events, while the Orange Bowl and Cotton Bowl are the college football playoff semi-finals. Traditionally, both the Peach Bowl and the Fiesta Bowl have been played between general NCAA teams. The Rose Bowl, meanwhile, is played between two of the best teams in the Big Ten and Pac-12 (if neither team makes the playoffs).

The Sugar Bowl counts towards two other Power Five conferences – the SECOND and the Large 12. As with the Rose Bowl, we infer that the two Sugar Bowl teams didn’t meet the criteria for a playoff spot, but were able to earn a New Year’s Bowl anyway. Now let’s look at our current projections. of college football bowls for New Years Day.

Sugar: Alabama v Oklahoma State

Rose bowl: Michigan vs. Oregon

Party bowl: Ole Miss vs. Iowa

Bowl of peaches: Kentucky vs. Pittsburgh

Orange bowl: Georgia vs. Cincinnati

Cotton bowl: Oklahoma vs. Ohio State

Analyze New Year’s Bowl projections

New Years bowl games rarely disappoint, but some of these showdowns aren’t as convincing on the surface. While Alabama is an SEC Championship game loss far from missing the playoffs, they’ve consistently been one of the best and most complete teams in college football during the regular season. And although Oklahoma State takes a win over Texas, they don’t have the firepower to keep up with Alabama.

Coming down the board, Iowa appears to be a step below Ole Miss. Defense is elite, but offensively the Hawkeyes can find themselves a step back if Matt Corral is on his game.

The Orange Bowl, on the other hand, is different. In the sense that Cincinnati might not pose a sufficient threat to beat the much-vaunted Georgian defense.

The Orange Bowl and Cotton Bowl winners will ultimately advance to the National Championship, which will be played on January 10.

Screening of the 2022 national championship

For now, it looks like current bowl screenings for the college football playoffs include Georgia, Oklahoma, Ohio State, and Cincinnati. Alabama could be ranked ahead of the state of Ohio on our Top 25 College Football Rankings, but Alabama has an urgent test on the horizon: Georgia.

As long as Alabama wins in the regular season, they will face Georgia in the SEC Championship. If they lose, a two-losing Alabama team is unlikely to advance to the playoffs. Meanwhile, Ohio State is set to face one of the Iowa or Purdue in the Big Ten title game. The two clashes are more favorable than that of Alabama against Georgia.

If Alabama loses to Georgia, the playoffs would likely be Georgia against Cincinnati and Oklahoma against Ohio State. Georgia should be an easy favorite over the Bearcats. It’s less of an affront to Cincinnati and more of an acknowledgment that Georgia’s defense has dominated the SEC competition all year. All Stetson Bennett has to do is be a decent quarterback, and the Bulldogs can rise to the top.

Ohio State-Oklahoma is a more difficult matchup to assess. Both teams are stronger offensively, so it can boil down to a quarterback. The Ohio State offense looks better on paper, but Caleb Williams is a man on a mission for the Sooners. This one looks like a raffle, but give me Oklahoma for now.

Screening of the national championship: Georgia vs. Oklahoma



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