Grand Blanc cops help 7 baby squirrels with tied tails



Police from Grand Blanc Township stepped in to help seven baby squirrels who were at a standstill – literally. Their tails were sort of tied together.

Someone called 911 to report that the squirrel race was in an unusual situation at the base of a tree on Russell Street in Grand Blanc. (Fun fact: Did you know that a group of squirrels is called a scurry?) When the officers learned of the situation, they went to help them.

“It appears that they got tangled up in their nest and eventually reached a point where the nest could no longer hold them,” Grand Blanc Township police said on their Facebook page.

With the help of a nearby resident, officers untied the kittens’ tails as the mother squirrel watched.

“Their tails will need a little time to fill up, but they are safe,” police said.

How did it happen?

A few people on the PD Facebook page worried that someone might have tied the squirrel’s tails. This is probably not the case, as squirrels can sometimes get tangled up after spending months together in their nest. (Another fun fact: it’s actually called a drey.) The material used to build the drey can get tangled with the tails, merging them together. Skedaddle reports that over time the situation can become more complicated as additional material is tied with the tails and the squirrels’ fur becomes matted.

So bravo to the police officers of the township of Grand Blanc who helped a horde of squirrels who got tangled up with their drey.

And we learned two new words today.

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