Hampton area real estate transactions for the week of July 4, 2021



Mark Chalmers sold the property at 3948 Catherine Drive to Nicholas Merritt for $ 264,000.

Ivan Ostrowski sold the property at 2812 Indian Springs Lane to Andrew Scott Headlee and Susan Elizabeth Silko for $ 445,000.

Amitava Mukherjee sold the property at 4444 Laurel Oak Drive to Julie Ann and Christine Ann Zotter for $ 157,000.

Hampton Development Co. LLC sold the property at 3268 Long Meadow Drive, Unit 31, to Christopher Plescia and Jessica Dolata for $ 599,900.

Sara Kirsch sold a property at 4373 Mt. Boulevard Royal to Adam and Rachel Palcic for $ 285,002.

Trustee James DiPerna sold the property at 4224 Wembleton Drive to Bradley and Melissa Frost for $ 625,000.


George Zimmers sold the property at 9691 Bellcrest Road to Sfr3-000 LLC for $ 172,300.

Michael Seel sold the property at 9460 Magellan Drive to Katherine Hornbostel for $ 270,000.

Southwestern PA Synod The Evangelical sold the property at 9625 Perry Highway to 9625 Perry Highway LLC for $ 1,650,000.

Iram Khan sold the property at 1373 Regency Drive to Peter James McShea Jr. and Kimberly Rose Wachter McShea for $ 374,900.

William Lauer sold the property at 951 Rosalind Road to Paul Richard Cooke and Liu Qing for $ 310,000.

Matthew Locke sold the property at 1803 Sample Road to Patrick and Kathy Tobin for $ 218,500.

Matthew Kuntz sold the property at 306 Sunset Road to Daniel and Amy Beth Condosta for $ 286,000.

Tracy Scott sold the property at 136 W. Sandle Ave. to Corey Schaeffer and Ashley Edwards for $ 240,000.

New Millenium Investments LLC sold the 165 Weller Drive property to Michelle Davis for $ 375,000.

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