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PITTSBURGH – Much has changed in the food industry since January 2000 when the Allegheny County food safety rules and regulations were last updated: food trucks and mobile kitchens are much more common, kitchens shared facilities have become a thing and outdoor dining options have become even more popular with the Covid-19 pandemic.

These are just some of the reasons why the Allegheny County Health Department began the process of overhauling, revising and clarifying the rules which, according to Otis Pitts, deputy director of health, have become. heavy and confusing. The process led to a draft regulation under Article III of the Allegheny County Code and a 75-day comment period leading to a public hearing in late January 2022. The Board of Health could vote on the proposed regulation at the end of January 2022. spring before sending it to the Council of Allegheny Council for approval. The new rules and a fee schedule could come into effect in early 2023.

The scope of the regulations is vast: they govern food safety, inspections and compliance not only for restaurants and food trucks, but also for school food services, food banks and festivals where food is served. Pitts, who presented an overview of the changes at the Board of Health meeting on Wednesday afternoon, said food safety rules and regulations have become scattered, redundant and difficult to follow.

“Our goal is to make the order of the hardware more intuitive, just easier to understand,” Pitts said.

A flagrant area: The classification in the code of food establishments. This is an important section, which establishes planning requirements, fees and inspections. There are currently 40.

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