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A a lot is happening downtown this spring and summer, from Recently moved Arts Festival for extensive bike sharing options by Pogoh. Among the many things you can find downtown will soon be love and empathy, according to the Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership.

That’s the message behind a new public art installation called ‘People We Love’. Originally commissioned by international talent agency Mediale, it had its premiere at York Minster in the UK. Now he will call Pittsburgh his new home; Free to the public, the work will be on view 24/7 at One Oxford Center from 7pm on 8 April. It is scheduled until June 5 and the gallery will be open Wednesday to Saturday from 12 p.m. to 8 p.m. and Sunday from 1 to 5 p.m.

“People We Love” features seven floor-mounted high-definition screens showing video portraits of more than 125 people filmed in Pittsburgh. Each person listens to a guided meditation while looking at a photo of someone they love – an image the viewer never sees. The downtown Pittsburgh partnership calls it “compelling, revealing and emotional all at once.”

“‘People We Love’ offers a radical experience of personal connection, something that has truly diminished for all of us over the past two years,” PDP President and CEO Jeremy Waldrup said in a press release. .

The project is the brainchild of Kit Monkman, who also runs a UK-based creative collective called KMA. According to its website, KMA “seeks to ask fundamental questions about 21st century aesthetics; where is the “meaning”, who makes it and who owns it? »

“I’m thrilled to bring ‘People We Love’ to Pittsburgh,” Monkman said in a statement. “This first American edition of the work includes more than 100 video portraits captured by local participants. I was incredibly moved by the silent stories that this very diverse collection of faces suggests. In each case, each shake and blink tells us a unique story. Unique but universal.

This is a feeling shared by the participants in the project.

“After two years of a global pandemic full of physical separation from others, it was a moving experience to sit in a quiet space and think of someone I love,” said participant Lena G. Andrews, director local real estate and development of ACTION-Logement, in a press release. “Pittsburgh is a city built on human connections, and now that many of us are back in the world, I hope we can prioritize reconnecting with the people we love – and the people we love. like.”

Thinking of joining us?

Reservations to participate are still open for recording sessions on April 10, April 30 and May 8. You can send your request to participate by e-mail to [email protected]

It is an experience that some say is both poignant and melting.

“One of the unexpected joys of this project is speaking with participants after experiencing the filming process,” Renee Piechocki, a public art consultant and frequent PDP collaborator who produced the project, said in a statement. “It leaves people with a range of emotions. They come out of the cabin thrilled, nostalgic, grounded and sometimes sad. They often want to share something about the process that helped them remember. I’m grateful to listen and to learn their stories.


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