Is there garbage pickup on Labor Day? Garbage collection schedule


Labor Day is a federal holiday, which means many government services, businesses and stores will be closed for the long weekend. Many banks will also be closed, along with stock exchanges, public libraries and post offices.

Garbage collection in some states will not take place on Labor Day, as the municipal departments responsible for the task will be on vacation this Monday, September 5. Some will postpone garbage collection days, while others will operate as normal.

Many municipalities hire private companies to pick up garbage for city residents, and each has different policies regarding Labor Day. For simplicity, most of these cities are not mentioned in this story. But Newsweek researched which cities have garbage pickup on Labor Day so you don’t have to.

New York City will pick up trash on September 5. If your collection day is a Monday, authorities advise placing garbage on the sidewalk on Sunday, September 4, between 4 p.m. and midnight for collection starting on Monday.

In Houston, there will be no collection service on Labor Day. For three days, garbage collection will be postponed by one day, so Monday garbage will be picked up on Tuesday, Tuesday garbage on Wednesday and Wednesday garbage on Thursday. However, in the city of Austin, garbage will be picked up on the federal holiday. San Antonio will delay Labor Day collections by one day and collections from September 6 to September 7.

Garbage bags lie on the street on June 24, 2020 in New York City. The city will be picking up trash on Labor Day this year.
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Phoenix workers will pick up trash as usual on Labor Day.

Des Moines, Iowa, will see pickup services delayed one day, until Tuesday. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday collections will also be delayed by one day.

In Los Angeles and San Antonio, Labor Day collections will slide through Tuesday. Garbage collection will vary in San Francisco, which works with multiple garbage collectors.

In Portland, Oregon, most government offices will be closed on Labor Day, but residents are encouraged to enter their home address on the city’s website to see if their local garbage collection company pick up the garbage that day.

In Washington, DC, Labor Day garbage will be collected on Tuesday. Garbage pickup will not take place in Chicago on Labor Day.

In Oklahoma City, garbage pickup will not occur on Labor Day. Instead, it will be pushed back two days to Wednesday.

Philadelphia considers Labor Day a holiday for picking up trash. Services will be delayed by one day for the rest of the week. Elsewhere in Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh is also following this policy.


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