Jersey Boy Gets Picked Up By Pittsburgh In 2nd Round MLB Draft


There was a lot of excitement last night in Sicklerville as one of their own had just been drafted in the second round of the Major League Baseball Draft. Antoine Solometo is a senior at Bishop Eustace Prep School and was chosen by the Pittsburgh Pirates.

According to The Patch, Anthony is a 19-year-old left-handed pitcher who was going to play college baseball in North Carolina. That was until last night when the Pittsburgh Pirates picked him in the 37th pick in the draft.

Anthony is extremely talented. I mean he has to be picked to play in Major League Baseball at just 19 years old. Check out some of its launchers. Wow!

I went to Rider University and was a cheerleader for the basketball team. We all got pretty close to basketball players and one of them was Jason Thompson. Jason was originally from Mount Laurel and he was an extremely talented and tall basketball player.

He was so tall that I have a picture with him from the MAAC tournament Rider played and I made him sit down because I’m a very little girl. It was extremely exciting when Jason was selected by the Sacramento Kings in the first round of the 2008 NBA Draft. We knew him and we were so happy for him.

I imagine that’s how Anthony Solometo’s friends and family feel after seeing him draft last night. Even the people who went to school with him or who live in Sicklerville, I bet, are beaming with pride. Anthony didn’t even have to go to college to get noticed by the MLB. He’s SO good.

I wish him the best of luck and hope he makes New Jersey proud, just like Mike Trout has done for years in MLB.

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