LeBron James, are the Lakers looking to add an “executor”?



The Los Angeles Lakers who failed in their quest for a second straight NBA title this year have led to a lot of soul-searching. Obviously, injuries played a role in what happened, but they weren’t the only problem.

Persistent chemistry issues has followed the Lakers throughout the season, by the players themselves. For some reason, composing the 2020-21 roster just didn’t work out. There were too many players to act, whining on social media and denigrate the coach on their lack of success.

For that to change in 2021-2022, the list needs to change. The Lakers began to move in this direction by put Kyle Kuzma on the trading block and explore successful agreements with the San Antonio Spurs for DeMar DeRozan and Washington Wizards for Russell Westbrook.

That said, smaller moves would also greatly benefit the franchise. The Lakers could use some tenacity – an enforcer, of sorts. And one player who could perfectly fill that role is future free agent PJ Tucker.

Tucker asked for around $ 12 million in negotiations with the Houston Rockets a while back, and after his impressive NBA playoff streak with the Milwaukee Bucks, he’s unlikely to want less than that now.

Tucker’s new signing will push the Bucks considerably above the ceiling, so it remains to be seen whether the front office will actually want to take this route.

If Tucker fails, another suitor could wait.

According to Jake Fischer of Bleacher Report, Tucker-to-LA is a very viable option.

“Add the Lakers, Warriors, Nuggets and Jazz as teams that could also compete for Tucker’s services,” he wrote.

While Tucker doesn’t bring a ton offensively, he’s a defensive mainstay who could be a huge addition for a group that is arguably the best defensive unit in the NBA when in peak health.

Will the Lakers finally sign Tucker? It remains to be seen. Should they? If the math works, absolutely.



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