Leechburg officials should keep the line on taxes in next year’s budget



Leechburg homeowners shouldn’t expect to pay more property taxes as part of the borough’s 2022 budget.

Council recently authorized the release of next year’s preliminary spending plan, which maintains the tax rate at $ 22.5 million.

The goal is to officially adopt the budget at the December 21 meeting.

“This budget is very tight,” said city councilor Chuck Pascal. “It is expected that there will only be a cushion of $ 7,000. We have to be very careful not to go over budget next year. There was no desire to increase that cushion a bit with higher taxes, so that’s where we are.

Projected revenues have been valued at just under $ 1.22 million, with expenses estimated at $ 1.229 million.

The budget documents indicate that the borough will draw from a “starting equity” fund to cover approximately $ 10,000.

Estimated income includes $ 454,000 in current property taxes, $ 55,000 in overdue property taxes, $ 175,000 in income taxes, $ 33,000 in business licenses and permits, $ 18,500 in fines and forfeitures, $ 33,800 in state-shared revenues and fees; and $ 20,000 in parking permits and meter money.

The estimated expenses include $ 332,200 for public safety, $ 200,400 for sanitation, $ 169,300 for public works, highways and roads, $ 13,500 for recreation and $ 218,300 for various expenses such as l ‘workers compensation, health care and other insurance.

Borough secretary Bernice Roberts said the budget maintained services and did not include major upgrades or capital purchases.

The preliminary budget is available for review at the Borough office, 260 Market Street.

The council increased taxes by just under 1% for this year’s budget.

Another spending plan that has yet to be decided is what to do with $ 208,000 in relief funds for Covid.

Pascal anticipates that part of this discussion will take place at the December meeting.

“We hope to do creative and positive things with this money,” he said. “We don’t know what it is yet. When we have extra money from the federal government, we want to put together a plan that makes sense to help people and help the city. I think it’s something we can handle.

More information on the activities of the borough is available on leechburgborough.org.

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