Majority of MN State Workers Consent to COVID-19 Requirements


In a letter from the Minnesota Office of Management and Budget to a serving Minnesota state senator, it appears that nearly all state employees who have had to undergo weekly tests or be vaccinated for COVID-19 have accepted these conditions. Less than 3% of those required by the state did not consent to one or the other.

The letter to Senator Abeler from Minnesota Office of Management and Budget Commissioner Jim Schowalter is detailed after Senator Abeler asked “how many employees refused to sign the release form or indicated that it was signed under duress? “

Schowalter wrote that “At the firm’s agencies, approximately 523 employees did not submit proof of vaccination or consent for testing. This includes seasonal workers who may not be working at the moment. Individuals will not be tested by the employer if they do not consent to the test. , including those who say they consent “under duress”.

According to Theo Keith of KSTP, “more than 20,000 workers in the state of Minnesota must be in the office,” resulting in less than 3% of the workforce eligible for testing / vaccination requirements. .

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