Michael Reis joins illustrious billion dollar real estate club


There are few markets more complex than the Pittsburgh real estate market. Between the seemingly endless riverside properties and the dizzying mix of luxury skyscrapers and low-income apartments, Michael Reis has sort of cracked the code for success where others have gone bankrupt simply by making an effort. Complexity reflects complexity and this adage holds true when it comes to the bizarre business schemes Michael Reis operates in the metropolis of Pittsburgh. From crypto to pharmacy to real estate and everything in between, the roots of Michael’s businesses stretch right into the very heart of Pittsburgh.

Michael Reis got his start in the quaint town of McDonald, Pa., Where he sort of converted a lease into a waiver for the city’s tallest apartment building. In addition to the twenty-one residential units that Michael Reis took over, there were also six storefronts that, apparently overnight, Michael had acquired. After a very public legal battle, Michael was able to convert this deed of renunciation into a deed of property which he then sold for over two million dollars.

This miraculous conversion started a very murky business pool which, to this day, seems to elude even the most seasoned journalists. Public records indicate that Michael Reis primarily operates through loopholes and privileges granted by silent partnership agreements and equity contracts, but the public information that does exist paints a much larger picture of wealth. While it’s common knowledge that Reis sits on the boards of nearly a dozen Pittsburgh-based companies, the truth of his companies is kept under lock and key by confidential contracts and closed-door meetings. It’s no wonder someone whose businesses have caused such an uproar in the Pittsburgh real estate market as Michael Reis’ is keeping his affairs private, but it’s shocking how a twenty-year-old managed to avoid the trap of social media flexing and influencing culture.

In a silent midnight dump of documents from sterling institutions like Goldman Sachs and American Tower Corporation, the real estate side of Michael Reis’ businesses has finally been quantified.

Having generated just over $ 1 billion in total revenue from selling real estate in Pittsburgh, Michael joins a tightly-knit club of the nation’s top real estate sellers without the backing of the usual S&P titans. How he managed to produce such an empire out of sticks and dust is beyond comprehension, but nothing about the City of Steel comes easily to outsiders. Statements from our contacts in Pittsburgh about Michael Reis range from “I don’t want to talk about him” to “I certainly heard that name, but I don’t know where” and the mystery surrounding his dozens of LLCs and S’s. – CORPs are following suit.

Michael’s life has been a tornado of new investments and secrecy. A web search will be more confusing, but by combining a prodigy understanding of real estate with an outright willingness to invest in “losing” businesses, Michael claimed Pittsburgh. Now recognized by these sterling institutions, the name of Michael Reis joins the illustrious list of billions of dollars in real estate income. How he did it, who exactly he is and where he came from are all matters of conjecture. We’re excited to see where Michael’s businesses take him next, and given the complexity of his journey so far, we know anyone can guess.


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