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ARONSON: Morton M. (Mort) Aronson, 1926-2022, Tuesday, November 8, 2022. Mort, son of the late Matt and Blanche Goldman Aronson, grew up in Lower East Oakland, Pittsburgh, near the old Forbes Field. He was a graduate of Schenley High School, trained in the Air Force, and graduated in mechanical engineering from the University of Pittsburgh. Mort married Evelyn Rae Horelick on December 21, 1946, who predeceased him; they were married for over 72 years. Mort is survived by his three children: Richard (Roberta), Carol Sue Aronson Soifer (Bruce) and Thomas, and four grandchildren: Esther Frances Aronson (Michael Blackburn), Rachel Ann Aronson (Jacob Garguilo), Jason Matthew Aronson Soifer (Rachel Zamoiski) and Scott Samuel Soifer. The great-grandchildren are Joseph, Julia and Anna Soifer, Lucas and Lily Aronson and Aron Blackburn. Professionally, Mort was the chief mechanical engineer at Pennsylvania Transformers, co-founded by Samuel Horelick, his father-in-law. Mort designed power systems and held several patents for transformer design and features. He had strong analytical skills and demonstrated a strong talent for working with his hands. Eventually he got into the food retail business and became an interested investor in commercial real estate and other ventures. A lifelong sports enthusiast, young “Morty”‘s athletic talent and passion was evident as early as elementary school baseball games, continued as a member of the college basketball and football teams. Schenley High School as well as the YMHA basketball team. His athletic skills later manifested in baseball and softball as well. Later, as a family man, his passion and great accomplishments turned to the great and frustrating game of golf for most of his long life. Never one to blow his own horn, Mort didn’t like people making a fuss about or about him; the achievements were evident to anyone who witnessed them. His complaints were kept to himself. Mort had a quiet, delightful sense of humor. He loved a good sitcom like “All in the Family” and especially enjoyed laughing with his friends, many of them from childhood. Much to the amusement of Evey and her children, he happily makes up his own lyrics to popular songs on the radio. His children loved receiving enchanting notes he sent them at summer camp, filled with whimsical drawings of matchstick figures driving toy cars blowing exhaust fumes and cartoons of pets, Cindy the majestic German Shepherd and Bamboo the mischievous Siamese cat. On the other hand, his intensity was legendary. He was an avid reader and spent time each evening after dinner studying the thesaurus. He insisted that his children practice good manners, especially at the table, speak respectfully to adults at all times, and also strive to develop their vocabulary! These lessons were appreciated much later in life! Mort loved cars, a passion passed on to his son Richard. There were efficient, family-friendly models and more exotic types: his 1929 Chrysler and three Jaguar sports models were particularly favourites. Gentle and loving, powerful, playful, persevering and practical, Mort was much loved and admired by his family and friends. Private services and burial. Donations may be made to U.S. Veterans with Disabilities. Arrangements by Ralph Schugar Chapel, Inc., family owned and operated. PJC

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