North zone real estate transactions for the week of August 22, 2021


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Tyler Grant Smith sold a property at 100 Lincoln Ave. to Christopher Ryan and Sarah Anne Rouhier for $ 291,000.

Stephen Scolaro sold the property at 524 Madison Ave. to Robert and Shana Abramowicz for $ 121,900.

Ryan Adam Buchanan sold the property at 652 North Ave. to Ernestine Gross and Nicole Gee for $ 276,000.

Haven Home Builders LLC has sold a property at 730 Orchard Ave. to Kristian Anthony Nardozzi and Maria Christine Tarbell for $ 270,000.

David Jackson sold the property at 135 S Fremont Ave. to Otis Meeks Jr. and Deborah Meeks for $ 356,000.


Christina Joan Ramsey sold the property at 222 Butler St. to Nelcon Holdings LLC for $ 20,000.

Shuangqi Zheng sold the property at 31 Elm Lane to Sobryan and Jaime Andre Delamo for $ 33,000.

Brandon Bower sold the property at 77 Locust Street to Bryan Eaton and Stephanie Selya for $ 155,000.

Jeremy Kucharski sold the property at 113 Morelock St. to Brandon and Sarah Bower for $ 260,000.

Mario Pallombo sold the property at 26 Oakland St. to Victor Brodzik and Rebecca Anne Nelson Talisa for $ 252,000.

Franklin Park

Donald Stratton’s estate sold the property at 2532 Cole Road in Brandon Monticue for $ 259,100.

David Freelander sold the property at 2600 Lorrick Lane to Matthew Dillon and Patricia Lynn Holland for $ 362,000.

Wiliam Jeke sold the property at 2515 Matterhorn Drive to Christopher and Melissa Lucci for $ 600,000.

Thomas Zabielski sold the property at 2427 Nicholson Road to Nathan Graham and Emily Barnard for $ 283,000.

Gary Sefcik sold the property at 1618 Oakleaf Lane to In Cha and Yuhang Wang for $ 560,000.

Yuliya Domnina sold the property at 1621 Royal Oak Drive to Gaofeng and Xiulin Lin for $ 625,000.

SIRVA Relocation Cr LLC sold a property at 1705 S Hawthorn Court in Quingyong Xu for $ 641,000.

Meisheng Chen sold a property at 2515 Wexford Bayne Road to Thompson Harkins and Brittany Reinhart for $ 210,000.


Jill Smith sold the property at 2890 Clearview Road to Michael and Elizabeth Collura for $ 495,000.

Shane Eric Russell sold the property at 2318 Ferguson Road to Carlos Emilio Campos for $ 199,653.

John Lekas ​​sold a property at 5176 Hampton Place Drive in Angus Wells and Gina Poerio Anderson for $ 645,000.

Douglas Zalewski sold the property at 2997 Spruce Lane to Amanda Clark for $ 350,000.

Erin Rozyczka sold the property at 4902 Wickloe Drive to Franco Tony Russano and Vicki Bach for $ 314,000.


Simon Arias III sold the property at 709 Copper Creek Lane to Jonathan and Julia Moritz for $ 450,000.

NVR Inc. sold the property of 3003 Mahican Circle to Fangming Duan and Qin Fan for $ 388,520.

Todd Ulicny’s estate sold a property at 210 Rolling Hills Drive to Justin Foltz for $ 430,000.


Omar Sultan sold the property at 885 Beacon Lane to John and Barbara Bevacqua for $ 372,500.

The James Gordon Estate sold the property at 10088 Grubbs Road to Marissa Festa for $ 400,000.

Ahmad Zharif Mdazmi sold the property at 1784 Guyton Road to Jose Hernandez Pineda and Adriana Estrada Bernal for $ 299,500.

Francis Limbacher sold the property at 8183 Marquis Drive to Konguvel Chandran and Anithakumari Kuppusamy for $ 370,000.

Brian Capellupo sold a property at 8157 Roosevelt Blvd. to Kerri Bachner for $ 370,000.

Kevin Brian Orlosky sold the property at 834 Rosalind Road to Joel and Joann Riley for $ 248,000.

Michael Shane Stevenson sold the property at 8657 Wittmer Road to Sabrina Morningstar for $ 157,000.


Daniel Geier sold the property at 7 John St. to Citylife North LLC for $ 105,000.

Jeffrey Anesin sold the property at 146 Lincoln Ave. to 412 Holdings LLC for $ 48,000.

Michael Evans sold the property at 521 North Ave. to Jacquelynn Michalik for $ 40,000.


Michael Innamorato sold the property at 248 Cobblestone Drive to Asma and Abdelkareem Badri for $ 469,900.

Marco Contractors Inc. sold a property at 746 Crawford Road to Timothy Mooney and Jacquie Horne for $ 303,000.

NVR Inc. sold the property at 156 Dana Drive to Solemanul Haque and Kara Dragone for $ 350,125.

Jennifer Farrar sold the property at 123 Kensington Drive to Michael Innamorato for $ 305,000.

Arthur Robb Jr. sold the property at 113 Old Glory Lane to Anthony and Christinia Colecchia for $ 418,000.


CG Master GP LLC sold a property at an unknown address to NVR Inc. for $ 362,400.

Maronda Homes LLC sold the property at 128 English Farm Drive to Lawrence Dale and Ashley Lynn Karcher for $ 713,083.

Dareen Goltz sold a property at 4103 Fairway Drive to Michael and Daniela Knight for $ 770,000.

Richard Zavada sold a property at 400 Loblolly Drive to Christopher and Jaimie Dibartolomeo for $ 560,000.

Pine Development Co. sold a property at 715 Mulkerrin Court to NVR Inc. for $ 180,000.

NVR Inc. sold a property at 719 Mulkerrin Court to Ammad Amjad and Farah Ammad for $ 677,815.

William Reder sold the property at 7013 Oak Park Drive to Samuel and Huong Tram Duran for $ 633,500.

RonCin LLC sold a property at 491 Wexford Bayne Road to John Rowland and Olivia Harris for $ 185,000.


Erik Luskey sold the property at 21 Charlemma Court to Vincent Robert and Mariegold Emily Gallo for $ 253,000.

Mark Schaupp sold the property at 113 Maplewood Road to David Bierema and Melissa Fiore for $ 212,000.

Terrence Liam McKeegan sold a property at 2100 Overhill St. to Dasya Petranova and Luke Ward for $ 209,900.

The estate of John Mergen sold the property at 2311 Pittview Ave. to David and Pamela Barie for $ 65,000.


TOA Richland LLC sold the 305 American Way property to David Hal and Joyce Anne Hall for $ 435,867.

TOA Richland LLC sold the 306 American Way property to Joseph and Sabrina Dipasquale for $ 494,028.

Shobbit Madan sold the property at 115 Bellefield Court to William Saunders III and Amy Lenart for $ 249,999.

Christopher Jackson sold the property at 1073 High Meadows Drive to Matthew Quigley and Hayley Stettner for $ 406,400.

TOA Richland LLC sold a property at 6012 Liberty Blvd. to Douglas and Veronica Ekeroth for $ 525,808.

Yeshwin Parmar sold the 721 Packsaddle Trail property to Sahithi Achutha and Vinodh Kumar Bade for $ 440,000.


Jeffrey Sokolowski sold the property at 314 Aprilmae Way to Joseph Sergent and Elyse Tomaszewski for $ 342,100.

Trustee Chris Castagnari sold the property at 2125 Babcock Blvd. to Tombri Group LLC for $ 541,500.

Aldo Divecchio sold the property at 45 E Forest Ave. to Olivia Divecchio for $ 168,000.

Blair Dunckel sold the property at 183 Gass Road to David Alspaugh for $ 247,000.

Jameson Kaupp sold the property at 212 Henderson Road to Kenneth Hughes for $ 290,000.

Heather Immekus sold the property at 130 Hetherton Drive to Jeffrey Harry Siwik for $ 405,000.

David Isacco sold a property at 242 Kinvara Drive to David Isacco and Rachel Cohen for $ 300,000.

John Goldie sold a property on Lowries Run Road to Mark Donaldson for $ 80,000.

Nancy McCoy sold the property at 150 White Oak Drive to James Dickson Lemarie for $ 403,000.

Jeffrey Olko sold the property at 241 Wilson Ave. to Wyatt Gasparik and Melissa Opina for $ 296,250.

Bryan Erwine sold the property at 86 York Drive to Joshua and Shelby Peterson for $ 276,000.


Richard Milesky Jr. sold the property at 134 Crestwood Drive to Fadil Krasniqi for $ 200,150.

Robert Burgunder sold the property at 925 Wible Run Road to Janice Bogatay for $ 160,000.

Robert Wagner Sr sold the property at 1490 Wood Ave. to Michael and Michele Walsh for $ 235,000.

West view

Walter Lang’s estate sold the property at 89 Bronx Ave. to Daniel and Elizabeth Garcia for $ 298,500.

Julian Belsh sold the property at 238 Frankfort Ave. to Ivan and Nicole Blinov for $ 147,870.

The estate of James Grosjean sold the property at 86 Georgetown Ave. to Cathryn Winghart for $ 80,000.

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