Pettis County Sheriff’s Reports for October 25, 2021


This article is compiled from reports published by the Pettis County Sheriff’s Office.

On the night of October 24, Pettis County MPs, along with the K9 unit, responded to the 4500 block of South Limit Avenue with reference to a physical disturbance. During the investigation, a cell phone valued at $ 1,399.99 was stolen, along with several other charges. The suspect, Jake N. Robinson of Sedalia, has multiple outstanding default to appear warrants on driving with revocation charges (persistent offender) and an FTA felony for possession of a controlled substance with a bond set at 25 $ 000. MPs and the K9 unit would like to tell him about their ongoing investigation.

Pettis County MPs and the K9 unit responded to Oak Point’s 2400 block, referring to a topic with an ongoing tenure. Upon arrival, deputies located the suspect outside the residence. MPs arrested Amanda Martz (Lawson) for her tenure for 2nd degree trafficking on bail set at $ 50,000 in cash or bail.

Early Sunday morning, MPs took an assault report on a miner in the 1300 block of Boonville Road.

On Friday morning, MPs responded to block 1100 of Sue Avenue in La Monte for a report of domestic assault. On Saturday afternoon, the deputies were sent back to the residence for domestic verbal disturbances. A 12 hour log was completed. Later that evening, the Pettis County K9 unit and its deputies were again dispatched to the address with reference to domestic physical ailments. During the investigation, Scott Paul Powell was arrested for 2nd degree domestic assault and transported to Pettis County Jail.

MPs reported a theft in the 33000 block of Cottage School Road in Pettis County on Saturday afternoon. About 70 feet of copper pipe were stolen, valued at around $ 350.

On the evening of October 21, Megan Henderson of Hughesville Missouri reported to Pettis County MPs that a person was violating a full protection order she has against the suspect. At the time of the report, MPs have not contacted the suspect, but charges have been filed.

Pettis County MPs, along with the Pettis County Fire Department, responded to a possible structural fire in the 1300 block of East Boonville last Thursday afternoon. During the investigation, it was determined that it was an electrical fire. Pettis County Members of Parliament and the Fire Department were assisted by the Missouri State Fire Marshal.

Late Thursday evening, MPs made a vehicle stop in the 1700 block of West Broadway Boulevard. The passenger fled the vehicle in an attempt to escape the police. The suspect was later found hidden from law enforcement in a dumpster. Mason Heston was placed under arrest and taken to Pettis County Jail for two misdemeanors without bail.

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