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Ed rae
President and CEO, RE / MAX Select Realty
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Region served: Pittsburgh and surrounding communities
Years in real estate: 27
Number of offices: 11
Number of agents: 330

Jameson Doris: What originally attracted you to the RE / MAX brand?

Ed Rae: I had been selling real estate through traditional brokerage houses for over six years and had reached the glass ceiling both personally and professionally. I was looking for an agent-focused brokerage firm that would allow me to broaden my entrepreneurial spirit, and I was in a transaction at the time with a RE / MAX agent who suggested that I turn to RE / MAX. . The business model was exactly what I was looking for, but there were no local options to choose from. It was then that I decided to buy my first franchise in 2000.

JD: You focused on growth before, during and after the pandemic. What do you think is helping your office grow right now?

ER: Growing this business is always the goal. Everything we do is aimed at making salespeople and our offices more productive. It’s not so much the quantity as the quality for us. We focus on state-of-the-art office space, technology, education and training, and a unique value proposition, which will help us all continue to grow.

JD: How do you differentiate your competition bureau?

ER: We’re not for everyone. It is not the goal. At RE / MAX Select Realty, I believe sales associates have unlimited potential. We can do this by offering one of the highest commission splits in the industry while keeping fees to a minimum. And agents always have the support and infrastructure they need. RE / MAX Select Realty’s “Simply Better” culture encourages full-time agents and we have performance expectations.

JD: What RE / MAX tools and resources do you find most valuable to you and your agents?

ER: There are too many to list, but I’ll start with the fact that RE / MAX is the industry leader in terms of brand awareness *. RE / MAX is the most recognized brand in real estate. The brand alone gives our salespeople immediate credibility. Megaphone and booj, via RE / MAX, LLC, are also phenomenal. These marketing and CRM tools help increase the productivity and income potential of our agents. Combined with the training and support of the internal marketing team in our office, this is a game-changer.

In addition, we have an exceptional management staff who support agents with everything they need, from technical training to answering all of their transaction questions. We have also recently added an internal school, which allows us to offer our agents designation and continuing education courses and pre-licensing courses. In addition to our company websites, we are constantly seeking to implement and improve technology that increases the exposure of RE / MAX Select Realty and our agents to the public.

JD: What do you think today’s agent finds most valuable when considering which brokerage to join? How do you make sure your office delivers this value?

ER: Trust and transparency are essential. Of course, every real estate agent is different, but these two things make us who we are. We are a versatile company that attracts the most enterprising minds in our region. RE / MAX Select Realty offers these people structure and freedom.

* Source: MMR Strategy Group study on spontaneous awareness.

For more information, please visit www.remax.com.

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