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Pittsburgh, PA, United States, December 14, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) –

A structural engineer and a local architect are working together to provide more services in the city of Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh is known for its old and historic structures as well as aging residential homes in western Pennsylvania.

The restoration of historic buildings preserves the original aesthetics and provides us with an educational tool for the history, art, architecture and engineering of the period when the building was originally constructed. If there is one thing to remember when preserving important and long-standing buildings, it is to retain their character. If you change them too much, the charm and value of the building will decrease.

A significant portion of residential properties in and around Pittsburgh are over 70 years old. Many of these properties face groundwater issues, curved or cracked foundation walls, or curved / domed brick veneer (exterior facade).

Pittsburgh Design and Engineering Services seeks to help maintain the character of these historic buildings and the ancient architectural forms of residential structures in Pittsburgh, while ensuring that they are structurally sound and can last. many years safe. They worked and assessed many structures that were either listed as a landmark or located in the historic district of Pittsburgh.

Pittsburgh Design & Engineering Services LLC is thrilled with the opportunity to find and restore these historic and ancient building structures that mean so much to the great communities and people of Pittsburgh. They like to accompany them throughout their design process, whether it is renovating, rehabilitating, restoring or strengthening to maintain the longevity of the structure for years to come.

Owner Firas Abdelahad said: “We understand the market and believe in speed while delivering quality work at a fair cost. their budget to do the job. We pride ourselves on being a value-added service, even for clients who may not hire us.

About Pittsburgh Design & Engineering Services, LLC:
Locally owned, managed and operated structural engineering company serving Pittsburgh and surrounding areas. Pittsburgh Design & Engineering Services was created to help architects, home owners, real estate agents, investors, general contractors, and developers make their design, buy, sell, renovate, renovate, smoother investment or turnaround by providing them with a reliable engineering service structure when needed.

They would love to chat with you about your project, ask you a few questions and if they find that you don’t need a structural engineer, they will let you know and provide you with recommendations on who can help you. . If you’re looking for a reliable team of structural engineers in Pittsburgh, give them a call!

For more information on Pittsburgh Design and Engineering Services, please visit: PittDES.com or the Companies LinkedIn | Facebook

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