Power Moves: Olga Pogoda is now COO of KEF Robotics


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Olga Pogoda recently joined a four year old KEF Robotics as Chief Operating Officer.

The Larimer-based robotics company is a defense contractor that develops vision-based autonomous aerial systems. The technology has mainly been applied to drones, Pogoda said. Technicallybut future work will include helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft.

Pogoda, named one of Technical.ly’s 2022 RealLIST connectorsalso worked as a business operations analyst at Donnelly-Boland and Associates and entrepreneur in residence at Carnegie Mellon University School of Computer Science. She is also co-founder of KRNLSa technology research and strategy company, which has partnered with RustBuilt Pittsburgh to launch an agricultural technology initiative Mimetic this past year.

Pogoda said she had her eye on KEF Robotics since the company launched.

“The projects they’re working on are fascinating and the technology they’re developing is groundbreaking in an industry that hasn’t seen as much disruption and advancement as others. A really great challenge! she says. “Above all, I am deeply impressed with their team. The depth of talent is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. The biggest thing that has always struck me is their kindness and commitment to volunteerism and education. Being the first non-technical recruit, I’m just very grateful and excited for this opportunity.

Exec switches roles at URA

Jennifer Guillaume is Pittsburgh Urban Redevelopment Authority new chief operating officer, she announced today on LinkedIn. In this C-suite position, she is in charge of the internal operations of the economic development agency, including financial and technology management, and oversight of the loans and investments unit.

Wilhelm previously held several positions at URA over the past decade, most recently as Director of Solutions. Previous roles include Director of Commercial and Enterprise Loans, Deputy Director of the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship and Director of Innovation and Entrepreneurship. She is also Chair of the CDFI Board of Directors. Invest PGH.

Last March, the URA announced the launch of two new social impact pilot programs focused on supporting minority entrepreneurship and business expansion, called URA Ventures and the Equity Fund for Minority and Women-Owned Business Development. The programs will provide seed venture capital to business owners and entrepreneurs from underrepresented backgrounds. URA Ventures should soon announce the beneficiaries of its first investments.

ARM Institute Appoints New Technical Fellows

The Mill 19-based Institute of Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing announced its selection of two new technical fellows in Pittsburgh, in partnership with the AIM Superior Defense Manufacturing Community.

Companion jim clark is a technology project manager for metrology in Chicago ARIS Technologyand comrade Christophe Ravasio is an electrical engineer in Pittsburgh ARIN Technologies. The two will work on their own projects to boost defense manufacturing in West Virginia and southwestern Pennsylvania.

For Clark, this means continuing a project previously funded by the ARM Institute, called “Human-Robot Collaboration in Quality Inspection to Enable Workforce to Easily Program and Operate Automated 3D Scanning.” . Meanwhile, Ravasio will “develop a ready-to-use robotic navigation system based on ultra-wideband positioning with ultrasonic and laser obstacle detection”. (Phew.)

CapSen Robotics CEO Dr. Jared Glover was the institute’s first fellow in 2021.

Comcast funded 100 small businesses in Allegheny County

With Pennsylvania’s sister city, Philadelphia, the telecommunications giant Comcast chose 100 color-owned small business women and people from Allegheny County to receive $10,000 grants through the RISE Investment Fundstotaling $1 million.

In addition to funding, the program provides marketing and technical support to grantees. RISE stands for Representation, Investment, Strength and Empowerment.

“It’s no secret that the pandemic has impacted our small businesses the most, and we thank Comcast for recognizing their challenges and the need for this program,” the county executive said. Rich Fitzgerald said in a statement. “With these resources, we look forward to having these entrepreneurs in our community for years to come.”

Local beneficiaries include restaurants, retail stores, consumer services and wellness businesses. See all recipients here.

Technical.ly has a new reporter from Pittsburgh

Finally, meet Atiya Irvin-MitchellTechnical.ly’s new Pittsburgh reporter.

The Pittsburgh native is a graduate of Chatham University in 2017 after studying communication and political science with a specialization in journalism. She wrote for the Pittsburgh Student Guide, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, New Pittsburgh Courier, PublicSource, Vice, PLS Reporter, PINJ News and BlackPittsburgh.com. Follow her on Twitter @AtiyaWrites and send him pitches to [email protected]

“I’m excited to learn more about the tech industry in Pittsburgh and do my part to make information about rapidly changing trends accessible to the general public,” Irvin-Mitchell said.

She joins Technical.ly via the Report for America service program.

Atiya Irvin-Mitchell. (Courtesy picture)



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