Project to bring affordable housing to McKees Rocks


PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Affordable housing is coming to Allegheny County.

A rehabilitation and construction project of 100 units by Level Equity is underway. These are not just rental properties, they are for home buyers.

“There is an affordable housing crisis in America,” said Jason Tigano, Founder and Chairman of Level Equity.

The solution? Take empty houses in McKees Rocks, rehabilitate them and also build new houses. Level Equity helps teach first-time homebuyers a long-term solution to housing inequity and affordability.

“Access to quality existing homes that community residents can afford,” Tigano said. “Access to financing from banks and lending companies so people can get mortgages. Access to the education and resources that our buyers will need so they can not only access properties, but also manage these assets.”

Level Equity has been at McKees Rocks for over a year, working with community leaders and businesses to help people like Dennis and Sammie find new homes.

“In that market, we couldn’t afford to buy a house, and rents keep going up,” Dennis said. “It’s getting closer to where we can’t afford to pay rent because everything keeps going up. It’s like there are no checks and balances.”

They said they could finally breathe knowing they had a place of their own.

At the unveiling of the first home on Wednesday, Level Equity said it does not plan to stop at 100 homes. Its goal is to create 1,000 homes for sale.


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