Property transactions in the Sewickley area for the week of September 4, 2022



James Perciavalle has sold a property at Ferndale Ave. to Flueger LP for $23,500.

Bell Acres

The estate of John DiCola II sold the property at 18 Elm St. to Jessica Renee Leety for $160,000.


Anthony LoCascio has sold a property at 325 Meadow Lane to Colin and Anjali Champ for $1,118,850.

Daniel Winters has sold a property at 105 Pine Road to Linda Williams for $450,000.

Franklin Park

Neil Michael DiBiase has sold a property at 1600 Blackburn Heights Drive to James Deily and Amy Nelson for $920,000.

Bradley Cook has sold a property at 1604 Brandtview Drive in Chenghui Li for $330,001.

Joshua Olszewski has sold a property at 1770 Locust Road to Joshua Olszewski for $33,000.

Reghu Aravind has sold a property at 1851 Louisville Ln to Vinay Pallapothu and Tejaswi Mongulluri for $415,000.

Barry Gold has sold a property at 2485 Matterhorn Drive to Mukesh and Swati Kumar for $600,000.

James Smith sold the property at 2159 S. Huntington Court to Scott Venanzio and Jill Bollinger for $359,215.

Archibald Wiese sold the property at 1527 W Ingomar Road to Benjamin and Danielle Quattry Comer for $439,900.


The Allegheny County Redevelopment Authority sold a property at an unknown address to Jeffrey and Liesa Besong for $2,100.


Gerald Persuit has sold a property at 670 Beaver St. to Alex Siladi and Meredith Doyle for $286,000.


Hoey’s Run LLC sold the property at 400 Centennial Ave. Unit 4 to Olivia Zamagias for $1,172,222.

Louis Valenzi sold a property at 204 Frederick Ave. to Robert and Emily Irvin for $575,000.

Teresa Mueller has sold the property at 832 Thorn St. Unit 12 to Kristine Neece, trustee, for $152,000.

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