Put these area pumpkin patches on your list for the fall season


Patches will open soon!

Fall is just around the corner and if you want to take advantage of all the season has to offer, you might want to start making plans. The last months of the year always go by very quickly. With school, work, the football season, dating and more, you are complete!

So if you want to visit local pumpkin fields and corn mazes, you will need to get them on the calendar. Don’t be like me and wait until the weekend arrives before you decide to go. It never works well for me.

That being said, we’ve put together a list of pumpkin patches in the area.

I have fond memories of my visit to the pumpkin patch as a child. My brother and I would spend hours scouring the field for the perfect pumpkins. Of course, we always wanted the one that was taller than the two of us put together, but mom always made us pick one that we could take.


Otherwise, we would have dragged the tailgate of the van up to the house. Sometimes we carved our pumpkins and sometimes we painted them. One year we received stickers for our pumpkins and they were found all over the house. I bet that’s why we only did it once. Ah, memories.

Ready to do more for 2021?

Here’s what’s available in our area … And here’s what you can find in northern Colorado.

Ellis’ Harvest House

SonHarvest Seasons

The pumpkin at the first Christian church

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