Real estate transactions East sector for the week of August 22, 2021



Millennial Custom Homes LLC sold a property at 2325 Marbury Road to Daniel and Patricia Frick for $ 431,000.

Mark Nafziger sold the property at 1705 Williamsburg Place to James Allen Manning and Gordon Johnson for $ 195,500.


James Bertoline sold the property at 30 Christy Road to Brandon Stuart and Rebecca Corryn Jossey for $ 301,000.

Cynthia Woods sold the property at 316 Dogwood Drive to Martinus Adrianus Gerardus Verlouw and Rachael Suzanne Ruit for $ 315,000.

Edge wood

Gabriel Dakis sold the property at 857 E Hutchinson Ave. to Michael Andrew Seiberg for $ 177,000.

wooded hills

Robert Scott Van Zant sold the property at 104 Hawthorne Road to Matthew and Erin Macdonald for $ 355,000.

The Wilmington Trust NA trustee sold the property at 5 Newport Road to Matthew Dettore and Ashley Winston for $ 120,000.

Wesley Carroll sold the property at 28 Roxbury Road to Dante Odorisio and Fanny Zhao for $ 205,000.

Amber Lynch sold the property at 130 Sumner Ave. to Andrew Luchovick et al. and Robert McAteer for $ 149,600.


North Main Street Investors Inc. sold the property at 311-313 Third St. to J & M Rental LLC for $ 157,000.

Ashley Gaebel sold the property at 730 Eighth St. to Catherine Pedersen for $ 199,900.


NVR Inc. sold the property at 113 Armor Drive to Francis James Skubel and Mary Colleen Ororke for $ 342,905.

NVR Inc. sold the property at 126 Armor Drive to John Cowen Jr. and Sharon Leigh Cowen for $ 344,195.

Swaran Vadapalli sold the property at 187 Blue Grass Circle to Payel Roy and Saurabh Gupta for $ 244,700.

Rutherford Properties LP sold the property at 211 Caruso Drive to Maison Bois Inc. for $ 45,000.

John Frydrych sold the property at 224 Fairlawn Drive to Luke Hall for $ 85,000.

Jotinder Patheja has sold a property at 2538 Monroeville Blvd. to Mark Denton and Beth Chase for $ 125,000.

Rong Chung Lin sold a property at 4180 Monroeville Blvd. to Jacob and Mallory Grantz for $ 120,000.

David Palermo sold the property at 173 Shackelford Drive to Firuza Akmalovna Rakhimova for $ 174,000.

James Shellhammer sold the property at 169 Urick Lane to Horizon Homes Pittsburgh III LLC for $ 110,000.

KDP Roosevelt 369 LLC sold a property at 4020 William Penn Highway to X & W Monroeville LLC for $ 5,570,000.


Acres Development Group LP sold the property at 4065 Acres Court to BNY Mellon for $ 289,000.

Acres Development Group LP sold the 4080 Acres Court property to BNY Mellon for $ 389,000.

Jesse Wampler sold a property at 16 Bel Aire Drive to Dean and Alexandria Ciufo for $ 168,000.

Patrick O’Hara sold the property at 6790 Berkshire Drive to Patrick Eugene Clevenger and Alia Marie Pustorino for $ 435,000.

George Shaw sold the property at 3290 Cardinal Court to James Alexander Molnar Jr. and Kathryn Elaine Ruckert for $ 335,000.

Perry Bruno Jr. sold the property at 2360 Harrison City Road to Steven Romiti for $ 511,000.

Thomas Haley sold the property at 6020 Kingdom Court to Garret Rigatti and Dena Gula for $ 464,000.

William Klasnic sold the property at 3591 Meadowbrook Road to Nicholas Pleva for $ 152,500.

John Carl Cappa sold the property at 6337-6339 Old William Penn Highway to 0627 Holdings LLC for $ 169,000.

The estate of Mary Ellen McShea sold the property at 5046 Sequoia Court to Robert Lang III and Natalie Jean Lang for $ 207,000.

Eileen Gardenhire sold the property at 4727 Shirley Lane to Christopher and Patricia Paesano for $ 450,500.

Paul Bowman sold the property at 4942 Simmons Circle to Matthew and Ashton Beckman for $ 465,000.

Brandon Dulisse sold the property at 4668 Stewart Court to Lucas and Ashley Swerdlow for $ 340,000.

North of Huntingdon

Jeffrey Mackenzie II sold the property at 6686 Antonio Drive to Joshua and Natalie Janov for $ 557,000.

Russell McCullough sold the Bickerstaff Road property to Casey and Cheryl Harper for $ 25,000.

The Lillian Fresch estate sold the property at 11190 Bluebird Drive to Justin Sturkie and Haley Deli for $ 172,500.

George Hankewycz sold a property at 530 Cedar Glenn Drive to Stephen and Megan DeMarchi for $ 475,000.

James Lesczynski et al. sold the property at 484 Colonial Manor Road to Heather Mauger for $ 211,500.

Antoinette McEwen sold the property at 330 Forest Drive to Zachary Graham for $ 248,500.

Donald Withers sold the property at 1827 Haflinger Drive to Robert Mathers for $ 340,000.

Chad Todd sold the property at 951 Harmony Lane to Matthew Jon and Amanda Marie Formato for $ 175,000.

Lawrence Eichelberger sold the property at 11401 James Street to First National Trust Co. for $ 157,400.

F&H Property Development LLC sold a property at 1059 New Hope Drive to Maronda Homes LLC for $ 150,000.

David Perla sold the 11719 Percheron Circle property to Jonathan and Jessica Proctor for $ 390,000.

James Cole sold a property at 1521 Robbins Station Road to Todd Stillwagon and Chelsee Gelfer for $ 225,000.

Joshua Janov sold the property at 1377 Samantha Way to Timothy Levi and Lauren Keibler for $ 342,500.

North Irwin

Joshua Bursztyn sold the property at 65-67 Broadway Ave. to John Hanna for $ 144,000.


Michael Clista’s estate sold a property at 640 Fifth St., Apt 302, to Srinivasan Balaji and Amy Christine Szalinski for $ 199,500.

Mark Harley Jr. sold the property at 530 Sixth St. to Chelsea Shuss for $ 160,000.

The Anthony Marchese Estate sold the property at 531 Seventh St. to Nexgen Real Estate LLC for $ 70,000.

Tyler Baker sold a property at 216 Commons Drive to Paige Thomas for $ 210,000.

Stanley Phillips sold a property at 31 Crystal Place to John and Cheryl Wilcox Trustee for $ 416,000.

Wilbur Moor sold the property at 1536 Merion Lane to Janet Summers for $ 205,000.

Penn hills

Richard Campbell sold the property at 287 Almar Drive to Patrick Aaron Troyan for $ 165,800.

Bank of New York Mellon sold the property at 243 Bramble St. to Omer Faruk Karaduran for $ 57,225.

Triple Alpha LLC sold the property at 528 Burton Drive to Segavepo LLC for $ 145,000.

Janet Buzby sold a property at 2 Cord Street to Steven and Jennifer Parco for $ 35,000.

Jerry Battle’s estate sold a property at 140 Deerfield Drive to Tyler Stephen Herwig for $ 165,000.

Joseph Pecze sold a property at 6724 E Barivista Drive to Nikalaus Kuhn for $ 80,000.

Loran Dipko sold a property at 10 Kiltie Drive to Justin Steven Gardner Black and Chevonne Annette Black for $ 193,000.

Michelle Lynn Simmons sold the property at 219 Long Road to Jacob Roberts for $ 121,000.

Richard McCormick’s estate sold the 640 Long Road property to Pittsburgh Process Equipment Co. Inc. for $ 81,000.

Thomas Kowalski’s estate sold the property at 643 Lougeay Road to Mark Murdock for $ 89,900.

Trustee Paul Mathis sold a property at 702 Lougeay Road to Eugene Grove and Mary Mechelli for $ 22,000.

Julie McCormick sold the property at 542 Newport Drive to Norman and Alice Keller for $ 190,000.

Triple Alpha LLC sold the property at 707 Parkway Ave. to Segavepo LLC for $ 135,000.

Purity Distributing Co. sold the property at 145 Purity Road to Pahawk Land Partners LLC for $ 1,100,000.

Joseph Mikol sold a property at 141 Tilford Road to Jacob Check for $ 171,500.

East Hills Self Storage LLC sold the property at 1134 Universal Road to NSA Property Holdings LLC for $ 1,400,000.

Stephen Kotvas sold a property at 6405 Verona Road to Michael Monteleone for $ 80,000.

Chika Management Co. LLC sold the 137 Wilson Drive property to VB One LLC for $ 63,000.

Christopher Glavan sold the property at 224 Yosemite Drive to Robert Hugh Davis III for $ 172,900.

Township of Penn

Michael Pointer sold a property at 6222 Antler Hill Drive to Richard Giannoccora and Dawn Oto for $ 409,000.

Paulo Sergio Brasko Ferreira sold the property at 1002 Cedar Court to MMC Contracting & Consulting Inc. for $ 385,000.

Barbara Zelezniak sold the property at 6011 Deer Run Road to Andy Morven Owusu Sekyere for $ 350,000.

Cathleen Raco sold the property at 25 Janette Circle to Patrick Adam Carter and Emily Tatham Pfeifer for $ 300,000.

Victoria McDonough sold the 305 N Skyview Drive property to Thomas Frederick Pifer Jr. and Jaime Marie Bacco for $ 335,000.

The Ann Adamik Estate sold the property at 106 Olive Drive to Laura Packosky for $ 181,000.

Trustee Gary Kincel sold the property at 3379 Route 130 to James Fullen for $ 81,450.

Anthony Rinier sold a property on Seanor Road to Joshua Howard and Lindsey Marci for $ 38,500.

Christopher Mancuso sold the property at 119 Seanor Road to Duane and Sharon Eisele for $ 100,000.

The William Hoak Estate sold the property at 114 Shearer Street to David and Dawn Lynn Ross for $ 201,100.


Barbara Marguriet sold the property at 400 Second St. to Pitt Holdings LLC for $ 7,000.

Barbara Marguriet sold the Third St. property to Pitt Holdings LLC for $ 7,000.


Zokaites Contracting Inc. sold a property at an unknown address to Maronda Homes LLC for $ 66,500.

Carol Roper’s estate sold the property at 827 Blue Ridge Road to Sharon Weaver for $ 190,000.

Elijah Puskar sold the property at 4443 Frame Drive to Morgan McCaslin for $ 175,000.

Tyler Kimmel sold the property at 319 Ohiopyle Drive to Sean and Elena Marks Johnson for $ 170,000.

Nathan Fuhrman sold the property at 523 Thomas St. to Rachel McCune for $ 180,000.

Thomas Hewitt sold the property at 116 Willow Drive to Emily Oconnor for $ 165,900.


Brian Krukowsky sold the property at 2200 Milligan Ave. to the back of Monarch Properties Fresno LLC for $ 117,000.

Sherry Kaleugher sold the property at 7632 Westmoreland Ave. to Arthur Notaro for $ 220,000.

Nied Inc. sold a property at 7355 Whipple St. to Annamaria Freiwald for $ 237,500.

John Edmondson sold the property at 2311 Woodstock Ave. to Justin Melton and Synquess Scott for $ 155,000.


Triple Alpha LLC has sold a property at 115 Seventh St. Ext. to Cupola Homes27 LLC for $ 182,000.

Trustee Leonard Pokriva sold the property at 518 Inwood Road to Andrea Johnson for $ 135,000.

John Wos sold the property at 429 Timber Drive to Emily Buchholz for $ 156,000.

Turtle Creek

Betty Jean Cooksey sold the property at 1623 Lynn Ave. to SFR3 020 LLC for $ 34,000.


The estate of Raymond Walls Jr. sold the property at 108 Rebecca Ave. to Jennifer Miller for $ 52,000.


Dana Kinsey sold the property at 7263 Beacon Hill Drive to Jerry and Rochelle Wilson for $ 93,500.

Anne Bridget Shearon sold the property at 1911 Brushcliff Road to Temitope Oluwatosin Abegunde and Courtney Radliffe for $ 337,900.

Rosalee Moore sold the property at 1309 Everett St. to Uptown Allies LLC for $ 32,000.

Robert Torres sold the property at 412 Franklin Ave. to Aaro Smeltzer Erb for $ 195,000.

Allison Schurmuhly Lubimir trustee sold the property at 428 Lamar Ave. to Matthew and Thomas Richard Parmelee for $ 225,000.

The Allegheny County Redevelopment Authority sold the property to 1306 Penn Ave. to Gabriel Defelippis for $ 7,200.

Zachary Dixon sold the property at 1311 Walnut St. to Joseph Veltri for $ 70,887.

Trustee Ronald Anderson Lehman sold the property at 319 West St. to Petros Kopterides and Evgenia Sklirou for $ 415,000.

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