Real estate transactions East sector for the week of June 20, 2021



Mark Richardson sold the property at 2630 Saybrook Drive to Joshua and Melody Obusek for $ 205,000.


The LaNesta Hardesty estate sold the property at 113 E Pittsburgh St. to Robert Cole II and Kerri Rae Cole for $ 81,250.

Edge wood

William Rose sold the property at 1035 E End Ave. to Jesse Lee and Kelly Anne Hilman for $ 436,750.


Mark Ramey sold the property at 5891 Filmore Ave. to Farbarik Enterprises LLC for $ 141,600.

Mark Ashby sold the property at 2775 Italy Road to Joseph Ferri for $ 74,500.

wooded hills

Cynthia Amore sold the 206 Elmore Road property to Craig Kodman for $ 181,375.


The Westmoreland Co. Land Bank sold the property at 1297 First St. to Charles Charrie for $ 10,000.

Diane Blevins sold the property at 208 Oak St. to Matthew Senkow for $ 183,500.

Davi Schropp sold the property at 115 Orchard Drive to David and Angela Blawas for $ 19,000.


Joseph Bertagna sold the property at 112 Castle Hill Road to Kenneth and Jill Lawrence for $ 254,000.

Christopher Moratis sold the property at 1306 Corkwood Drive to Ian and Ashley Shirley for $ 263,000.

Killians LLC sold the property at 3752 Evergreen Drive to David Benjamin Klocek for $ 236,000.

Pamela Ross sold the property at 740 Heartwood Drive to Triple Alpha Heights LLC for $ 75,000.

Shenghua Wang sold the 1939-1941 James St. property to Lars Gilbertson and Choung Ja Pak for $ 162,000.

Albert Pugliano’s estate sold the property at 1409 John Street to Michelle Matrazzo for $ 171,000.

Jonathan Hyzy sold a property at 821 Lincoln Ave. Ext. to Thomas Crombie and Cynthia Coniglio for $ 2,000.

NVR Inc. sold the property at 310 Nelson Drive to Lawarren Macklin and Danielle Parson for $ 356,925.

Maplecrest LLC sold the property at 209 Sarazen Drive to NVR Inc. for $ 83,300.

TRS Property Services LLC sold a property at 554 Sunnyfield Drive to Joseph El Youssef et al. and Lakshman Rajhbeharrysingh for $ 179,000.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. sold the property at 204 Sunset Drive to HTE Housing LLC for $ 105,000.


John Cortese sold the property at 3503 Calton Drive to Anthony Matthew Honko for $ 366,000.

Nancy Ko sold the property at 5325 Clearfield Lane to Adeniran and Funmilayo Haastrup for $ 635,000.

Rose Marie Dorcak sold the property at 3415 Hills Church Road to Benjamin and Katharine Carter for $ 325,000.

HTE Housing LLC has sold a property at 4815 Hobaugh Ave. to Collin Meenihan and Jessica Regula for $ 220,000.

Stacy Lloyd sold the property at 3474 Ivy Drive to John and Robert Schreck for $ 100,300.

Rita Faulk’s estate sold the property at 6424 Old William Penn Highway to Raymond and Lisa Campbell for $ 1 (state deed transfer stamps show a value of $ 84,693).

David Rockman sold the property at 310 Rainprint Lane to Matthew Jay and Rebecca Jean Maners for $ 174,900.

Phoenix North Associates sold the 4000 Triangle Lane property to 1776 Property Management LLC for $ 1,250,000.

Cory Gardone sold the property at 10 W White Oak Drive to James Henderson Jr. for $ 147,000.

North of Huntingdon

John Hynes sold the property at 850 First St. to Brian and Laura Znavor for $ 420,000.

Paul Balogh sold the property at 551 Clay Pike to Abagail Carly for $ 265,000.

Gerard Stiefvater sold the property at 1267 Fall Lane to John Osheka and Vicki Orsini for $ 268,100.

Brian Znavor sold the property at 8080 Gina Drive to Ronald and Natalie Minnich for $ 406,000.

Painter Property Development LLC sold the property at 12419 Herold Drive to Kaitlen and Brett Morgan for $ 229,900.

Joseph Sammons sold the property at 455 Huntingdon Avenue to Geoffrey and Sherlynn Rusnak for $ 277,000.

F&H Property Development LLC sold a property at 7888 Isabella Drive to Maronda Homes LLC for $ 75,000.

Jeffrey William Ruzicka sold the property at 14420 Jonathan Drive to David Andrascik for $ 140,000.

Central Penn Capital Management LLC sold a property at 1211 Main St. to SegaVepo LLC for $ 170,000.

David Kelly sold the property at 490 Niagara Drive to Michael and Samantha Telling for $ 175,000.

Kory Caldarelli sold the property at 10865 Old Trail Road to Brandon Fagan for $ 176,000.

Marcia Tomko sold the property at 14455 Overholt Drive to Jonathan Mulgrave and Kathleen Hopper for $ 208,000.

Donald Ditter’s estate sold the property at 13280 St. Clair Drive to RP2ALL LLC for $ 178,000.

Richard Matelan sold the property at 253 Whitney Chase Lane to Matthew and Ashley Macurak for $ 260,500.

North Irwin

Robert Karl sold the property at 35 Second St. to David Andrascik for $ 34,000.

Timothy Martin sold a property at 52 Broadway Ave. to Pittsburgh Cash Home Buyers LLC for $ 16,875.


Chimera RE0 2018-NR1-LLC sold the property at 509 Second St. to Brian Steele and Lois Vitti for $ 98,175.

Penn hills

MidFirst Bank sold the property at 11670 Althea Drive to Renova LLC for $ 74,440.

The Ralph Ridley Estate sold the property at 357 Collins Drive to Triple Alpha Heights LLC for $ 97,000.

Trustee A. Basmajian sold the property at 5532 Front Street to Derrick Milton for $ 20,000.

Brian Edwardo sold the property at 171 Glenfield Drive to Edwin and Kathy Lightcap for $ 126,900.

Susan Burkhouse sold the property at 4021 Greenridge Drive to Natural Home Solutions LLC for $ 105,000.

Alejandro Lopez sold the property at 414 Hochberg Road to TOC Management LLC for $ 15,000.

Sean Johnson sold the property at 128 Jacob Drive to Crowne Properties Inc. for $ 64,591.

R&R Management Service LLC sold a property at 1304 Oberlin St. to Jennifer Cooper Lecote for $ 10,000.

Parkway Assoc. Inc. sold the property at 354-356 Pennoak Drive to Dominique Hawkins for $ 117,000.

Ari Dubin sold the property at 510 Pennwood Drive to Triple Alpha Heights LLC for $ 22,000.

John Parrish sold the property at 470 Shadywood Drive to Dominique Briggs for $ 142,500.

TOC Management LLC sold the property at 723 Southern Ave. to Aru Brandeis Ross for $ 155,000.

Dion Wagner sold the property at 533 Twin Oak Drive to Taylor El Medina for $ 168,000.

Aaron Mosha Schreiber sold the property at 163 Universal Road to Michael and Deanna Butler for $ 105,000.

Donald Clay sold the property at 338 Wilson Drive to Lori Wright for $ 58,000.

Township of Penn

Bedrock Developers LLC sold the property at 1053 Blackthorne Drive to John and Jacqueline Cortese for $ 441,273.

Sandy Hill Meadows Builders LLC sold a property at 190 Ciocco Court to Stephen and Cathy Ruzicka for $ 289,900.

Shirley Lisenbigler sold a property at 2111 Claridge Elliott Road to Brian and Jacqueline Mears for $ 4,454 (state deed transfer stamps show a value of $ 33,191).

Anthony Tantalo sold a property at 1005 Franklin St. to James Michael and Melissa Jean Hans for $ 106,400.

NVR Inc. sold the property at 1046 Gombach Road to Samuel White for $ 330,375.

Daniel Brennan sold the property at 3030 Ironwood Circle to Sandra Lynn Fontana for $ 270,000.

Rivendell Development LP sold the property at 1062-1064 Moria Court to NVR Inc. for $ 92,000.

Daniel Rittmeyer sold the property at 143 Penn Woods Drive to Jill Brallier for $ 237,000.

Joseph Pandolph sold a property at 145 Penn Woods Drive to Evan Maurizi for $ 222,000.

Ralph Delaplane sold a property at 1717 Ridge Road to Melissa Shaffer for $ 257,500.

Luanne Caskey sold the property at 1012 Rooster Court to Ryan and April McCloy for $ 560,000.

Darrell Fatalsky sold a property at 742 State Route 130 to Wesley Aaron Lozovoy and Jaimee Gathers for $ 230,000.


Robert Lewis sold the property at 557-559 Third St. to Macragge Holdings II LLC for $ 56,500.

Timothy Lee sold the property at 410 Agatha St. to HQO Holdings LLC for $ 32,000.


Michael Ricciuti Construction LLC sold a property at 650 Beech Road to John Rhoades for $ 120,000.

Dennis Towe sold a property at 858 Center Road to Michael and Sherry Podobnik for $ 19,000.

Andre Grace sold the property at 528 Cresthaven Drive to Stephanie Hill for $ 358,000.

The Wayne Pursh estate sold a property at 117 Lynn Ann Drive to Charles and Lori Kimball for $ 255,000.

William Kokal sold the property at 1103 Oblock Road to Kiel Owens and Jaquilla Rollins for $ 193,000.

Joe Diulus sold the property at 729 Providence Drive to Joseph Diulus for $ 104,900.

Alan Michael Faith sold the property at 434 Regency Drive to Patrick Walsh and Rebecca Ruggear for $ 169,900.

Rushmore Loan Management Services LLC sold a property at 162 Shearer Road to Mario and Lucia Palombo for $ 101,480.

William Auth’s estate sold the property at 9245 Wedgewood Drive to Marvin Washington for $ 284,900.


GDS Property Solutions LLC sold the property at 1815 Lafayette St. to 1815 Lafayette Trust for $ 38,000.

MAICA Properties LLC has sold a property at 2110 Monongahela Ave. to Ras Davis for $ 30,000.

Diane Cloud sold a property at 1724 Nevada St. to Vanessa Verdecia for $ 125,000.

Lobos Mgmt Inc. sold the property at 2101 S Braddock Ave. to Citylife East LLC for $ 90,000.


Trustee Leo Joyce sold the property at 222 Adrian Ave. to Ryan Prosowski for $ 200,000.

The estate of Mary Lou Kalanja sold the property at 247 E Fairmont Ave. to ForLove Construction Inc. for $ 60,000.

Kayla Nale sold the 245 Timber Drive property to Carol Zbur for $ 140,000.

Turtle Creek

HOLDA LLC sold a property at 509 Mercer St. to Kindred Properties LLC for $ 19,000.

Dean Baker sold the property at 353 Stewart St. to Kennedy Invest Properties LLC for $ 20,000.


The William Jacobs estate sold the property at 135 Gilmore Drive to Jessica Gass for $ 133,000.

Adam Price sold the property at 143 Tynewood Drive to Alexander Nathaniel Vanhoven for $ 245,000.


Brian Clista sold the property at 821 E End Ave. to Keith Gildea and Rozlin Cristina Gasque for $ 480,000.

Hayward Arnold Jr. sold the property at 312 Kelly Ave. to Kelly Rentals LLC for $ 125,000.

Bernard Murphy sold the property at 1020-1022 Wallace Ave. to Bernard Murphy and Kathleen Connors for $ 48,931.

Bernard Murphy sold the property at 1133 Walnut St. to Bernard Murphy and Kathleen Connors for $ 23,000.

Bernard Murphy sold the property at 310 West St. to Bernard Murphy and Kathleen Connors for $ 5,000.

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