Real estate transactions in the Herald district for the week of July 4, 2021


Chapel of the Fox

William Meyer Jr. sold the property at 107 Millstone Drive to Robert Campbell et al. and Arthur Peden for $ 345,000.


Vita Real Estate LLC sold a property at 2218 Freeport Road to Steven Scotti for $ 13,000.


Richmont Estates LP sold the property at 1011 Danason Drive to NVR Inc. for $ 89,900.

Victor Celo sold the property at 105 Monticello Drive to Ethan Shula and Katelyn Hendricks for $ 322,500.

NVR Inc. sold the property at 3020 Olivetre Drive to Rash Gupta for $ 307,525.

NVR Inc. sold the property at 3022 Olivetre Drive to Ben and Suzanne Urso for $ 295,330.

Andrew Chraska sold the property at 216 Ridge Ave. to Matthew Eisenreich for $ 17,000.

Michael Tady sold the property at 44 Rowe St. to Richard Marcus and Megan James for $ 211,000.


Gosta Frantz sold the property at 123 Kittanning Pike to Mantel Place Co. for $ 35,000.

Ashley Kozel sold the property at 306 Oxbridge Court to Wayne and Margaret Jyo for $ 375,000.

Recro Homes LLC has sold a property on Parkview Blvd. to Viacheslav Rymar for $ 130,000.


John Jackson sold the property at 1810 Cecil St. to Jesse Brant and Raquel Bouvy for $ 222,000.

Roberta Rihn sold a property at 1822 Middle St. to Christopher Quinn and Jessica Britvich for $ 260,000.

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