Report: Pittsburgh Domestic Fins Achieve Best Average Gross Return on Investment | State


(The Center Square) – According to a recent Wallet Hub, domestic fins in Pittsburgh get the best return on investment analysis from nearly 200 cities across the country.

Analysis of the website showed that Steel City’s gross profits for real estate investors are nearly 10 times higher than those recovered in Raleigh, NC, the lowest-ranked city. While a seller in the latter earned just under 14% return, the Pittsburgh Fins had a 128% return for their efforts.

Overall, however, the city ranked 82 out of 172 when you consider other factors such as market potential, renovation costs, and quality of life. The study ranked Sioux Falls, South Dakota as the best city for home fins, and Newark, New Jersey was named the worst.

The numbers reflect the continued growth of the Pittsburgh market, with median home prices rising and listings selling up to 10 days faster, according to a September report by Forbes.

Home values ​​in Pittsburgh have climbed 55% in the past five years and nearly 20% in the past year alone, according to Roof, with many properties selling for slightly above the list price.

Nationally, record levels of inventories and interest rates have pushed median month-over-month home prices up to 20% in some areas, according to a CNBC report published Saturday.


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