Rochester, NH, Candy Store Launches Chocolate Covered Jalapeños



I am here for weird food combinations! My husband often grinds his teeth at the weird snacks I make. I chopped a bell pepper and dipped it in peanut butter. I put siracha in cottage cheese. I’m going to stop giving you examples because I suspect you might be nauseous. The point is, DO NOT STRIKE IT UNTIL YOU TRY IT!

A candy store in Rochester, New Hampshire called Sprinkles and Smiles is known to think outside the box when it comes to their confections. Their motto seems to be “If you can dream it, you can dip it” because they have dipped just about anything you can think of in chocolate; chips, bacon, orange slices, you name it! Their latest creation has followers who say “OH NO THEY DON’T HAVE !!!” Presentation of the jalapeños coated in chocolate and filled with peanut butter:

Sprinkles and Smiles via Facebook

Your first instinct might be to shout “EW! Or “WHY?!?!” at the top of your lungs. But according to the folks at Sprinkles and Smiles, these spicy sweet treats were extremely well received and sold out really quickly!

Here’s what people had to say about them:

Sue Drummond:
“Nicole Davis, they were amazing. I wasn’t sure about myself, so at least I had to try one.”

Mike McIntire:
“Um… I love you guys, but I’m not sure about this one. It’s totally not you, it’s me. 😂”

Denise Duclos:
“Omg I don’t know whether to laugh or cry !!! It’s original!”

Would you try one?

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