See a shark enjoy a whale carcass off Wells Beach in Maine



I know they are there, but seeing them always scares me and gives me chills down my spine. Steve Brettell has a whale story to tell of seeing a shark rip apart a whale carcass off Drake Island in Wells, Maine on Friday morning and he has the photos to prove it according to

Shark feeding frenzy

Sharks eat like me. As if they had never seen a meal before. When Steve Brettell, who ran a fishing charter for 30 years, got a call from a friend about sharks feeding on a whale carcass, he must have seen it. When he arrived there was only one shark but Steve was still around for half an hour watching the wonders of nature. I mean, how many times are you gonna see this? Can’t wait to find out what kind of shark it was. Until now the theories have been a great white or a porbeagle shark.

No beach has been closed

Bretell told “I was there about half an hour. He twirled and twirled and every now and then he went up and took a bite. It was funny to watch. He was a great guy. I’m sure it was fascinating to watch – from a boat. Everything is fun and games until the whale carcass washed up on the beach. The carcass washed up at Mother’s Beach in Kennebunk on Friday afternoon on a crowded beach. It’s a way to wipe out a beach crowd. Hopefully this carcass has kept the sharks full for a while and they will stay offshore.

Shark species in Maine

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