Street racing sparks speeding crackdown in Bound Brook and Green Brook


If you are crossing Bound Brook or Green Brook, watch your speed.

Cops have announced a severe crackdown on speeding violations after reports of street racing at speeds above 100 miles per hour.

Police posted on Facebook that they were receiving complaints from local residents about ‘Fast and Furious’ style racing on Route 22. It seems hard to believe, as Route 22 is one of the most hated roads and New Jersey’s busiest during rush hour. Late at night, say locals, is when the runners arrive.

Officers have yet to check for illegal street racing, but police say they have stopped drivers from going 116 and 141 miles per hour.

Police warned on Facebook, “Speed ​​kills, and the last thing we want is knocking on your family’s door in the middle of the night.”

While police did not say who or what was running, several people posted on Facebook said people were racing motorcycles.

“It’s street bikes def,” Amy Lee wrote. “I hear them EVERY night at the same time! They come down from Somerville – turn around at Chimney Rock and up to Somerville.”

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