Sunday NHL Betting: Games to Target for Goals


It’s Super Bowl Sunday, and we’ve got plenty of NFL betting angles to check out right here on Yardbarker.

Before we get to the Rams-Bengals, we have to bet on the NHL. Although there are only four games today, there are still some good targets for goals.
Here are my two favorite places to see Mark. Let’s go straight after a 1-2 day Saturday.

Pittsburgh penguins

The Penguins are racking up the bases wherever they are. On the road, their average of 3.5 goals per game in their last ten games is the sixth best mark in the NHL. This average rises to 3.6 over the past five years.

On the other side is a New Jersey Devils team that scores a lot of goals. The Devils have averaged 4.6 goals against in their last five home games, which is the third most in the league.

I expect Pittsburgh to shoot at will against New Jersey and put a few in the net. A great game for points and goals.

Best bet: PIT Over 3.5 goals in total, excluding OT (-115 DK)

Favorite goalscorer: Sidney Crosby

It’s a great place to score points, and while Crosby has great road-going tendencies, it’s certainly fueled by storytelling.

Crosby is aiming for goal #500, which will become the 46th NHL player to score that goal.

It’s as good a game as any to get there. Crosby has been moving on the road lately. He has scored 5 goals in his last four away games and averaged 4.8 shots on goal per game in his last five.

With high usage, a soft target, and a story to go, I like Crosby on Sundays.

Goal odds: +180 (DF)

Colorado avalanche

No team scores more on the road than Colorado. They average 4.6 goals per game in their last ten and 4.2 in their last five, both top of the table.

They will get Dallas in the best game of the day. The Stars have been dropping home goals lately, allowing 3.4 in their last ten games, which is tenth in the league.

There are also power-play advantages on both sides tonight, giving us that extra layer of comfort for scoring opportunities.

Best bet: COL Over 3.5 goals, including OT (+100 DK)

Favorite goalscorer: Nazem Kadri

Colorado is so packed and everyone scores so often that it can be hard to tell someone who is performing at a higher level than the others.

I like Kadri, who has four goals in his last six games and 3 goals in his last four on the road.

Goal odds: +200 (DK)

Final Thoughts

Only two games today make a difference to team totals, so consider that a starting point for any parlays or picks.

A few point exchanges from various skaters on these teams, or a few scorers, are always worth considering.

I used my two favorites to score at modest +700 odds on FanDuel.

Enjoy the afternoon hockey!


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