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A little over two centuries old, the pumpkin spice may have finally skipped the shark.

It wasn’t the PSLs appearing earlier and earlier.

It wasn’t the spicy pumpkin beer.

It wasn’t even the pumpkin spices SPAM.

It’s spicy with pumpkin dog food.

Sure, pumpkin has real health benefits for your dog, but will they even understand how trendy this treat is? Should we sprinkle the dish with a little all but bagel seasoning to top it off?

This latest development of pumpkin spice raises more questions than answers. As we reflect on the future of overexposed squash seasoning, take a look at this week’s news and new jobs.

The news

This year Google Black Founders Fund for Startups cohort included Jim Gibbs, founder of the software company Power meter.

We are number 23! The Global startup ecosystem report 2021 of Starter genome ranked Pittsburgh among the top 25 emerging startup ecosystems.

Another type of mining: at the inauguration RustBuilt Conference, Stronghold Digital Mining’s co-founder Bill spence shared his fearless career transition from recovering coal mining to mining digital currency with beneficial impact on the environment.

Technically wants your feedback: Take our community survey by the end of September to help us better meet your local technical information needs. As a thank you, we select a handful of survey participants to win a $ 50 gift card or a signed copy of that of Guy Raz delivered, “How i built this. “

Is the future of work here? A group of RustBuilt experts discussed the future of the office.

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Remote work

The end

Keep it spicy! We will see you here very soon.

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