The best places across Pennsylvania to watch the sunrise or sunset


Pennsylvania’s ridge and valley – sometimes hills and valleys – provide fantastic places to watch sunrises and sunsets. Here are 15 of the best:

The Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania, also known as the Pine Creek Gorge, is a must-see place to watch the sunrise and sunset in Pennsylvania. As the gorge stretches for 47 miles and descends to a maximum depth of 1,450 feet, optimal viewing points are found in Leonard Harrison State Parks (eastern edge for sunset) and Colton Point ( west edge for sunrise) at the north end of the canyon near Wellsboro, where the depth is about 800 feet.

The incredible play of shadows on the wild and wooded sides of the canyon as the sun rises in the sky or falls from it elevates the canyon to # 1 on our list.

The much more urbanized but equally interesting dawn and dusk can be found much closer to home for residents of central Pennsylvania, Harrisburg, and the West Coast. The view of the Susquehanna River, west for sunrise and east for sunset, provides a view of the sun rising over the State Capitol in the morning and falling under the hills of the river to the west in the evening. Many other places along the river also offer beautiful sunrises and sunsets. Parc Negley de Lemoyne is a recommended location on the west bank of the river.

Presque Isle State Park, curving into Lake Erie in the northwest corner of Pennsylvania, is widely known for the beautiful sunsets over the lake. There’s an obvious reason that Sunset Point between Beaches # 9 and 10 in the park is named after it.

Another place that lives up to its name is Sunset Rocks, along the 7.8-mile loop trail of the same name off the Appalachian Trail in Michaux State Forest near Pine Grove State Park. Furnace in Cumberland County.

Baughman Rock Overlook, near Sugarloaf Road in Ohiopyle State Park in Fayette County, is consistently featured among the most spectacular mountain views in the Laurel Highlands, southwestern Pennsylvania . It is a point of sunrise.

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USA Today in 2017 ranked Gettysburg National Military Park as one of the top 10 national parks for watching a sunrise or sunset. The Pennsylvania site was ranked # 7 on the list, with Confederate Avenue noted for its sunrise views and Little Round Top for sunset.

The parking lots along Route 305 at the top of Jack’s Mountain, between Belleville and McVeytown, provide stunning views for every end of the day.

The roadside along Kleinfeltersville Road by the lake in the Pennsylvania Game Commission’s Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area in northern Lancaster County offers the double bonus of a lakeside landscape and flocks of water birds rising from the lake in front of a brilliant sunrise.

Mount Washington and Duquesne Heights on the western shores of the Monongahela and Ohio Rivers – both atop Pittsburgh’s famous Incline Railways – offer stunning views of the city below at sunrise.

The rolling hills of Lancaster County’s Terre Hill area offer views that seem to stretch out indefinitely over the farms of Pennsylvania Dutch County, especially to the southeast, which is also the desired angle for dazzling sunrises. .

Ridenour Overlook offers views miles east of Lake Raystown, its dam and the vast forests beyond. It is a beautiful landscape to see the sun rise.

Hyner View State Park near Renovo towers over one of Pennsylvania’s most famous viewpoints. It is a west-facing view of the West Branch Susquehanna River and the setting sun.

Anytime views and vistas are discussed in Pennsylvania, in general or specifically like sunrise and sunset, Mount Davis – at 3,213 feet, the highest point in the state – is part of that discussion. The Somerset County site stands on the crest of a 30 mile long ridge line.

Highpoint Scenic Vista and Recreation Area is 79 acres of prairie and overlooks the Susquehanna River near Wrightsville. The sunrises there are incredible.

Marcus Hook in the far southeast of Pennsylvania doesn’t offer the elevation of many of the other places on this list. It does, however, have several panoramic views of the sunrise over the Delaware River and the distant marshes of southern New Jersey.

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