The daily recap: packages could determine the CFP champion


Here is the December 23 edition of the Daily Recap presented by JFQ Lending.

Forfeits could determine the champion

Executive Director, College Football Playoffs Bill Hancock announced what would happen in the event that one of the four teams participating in the Orange Bowl and Cotton Bowl is unable to play due to an increase in Covid-19 cases.

From the declaration:

… Semi-finals of the playoffs (Cotton and Orange Bowls) If a team is not available to play, the unavailable team must forfeit and their opponent will advance to the national championship game.

… Semi-finals of the playoffs (Cotton and Orange Bowls) if the two teams are not available to play in a semi-final, the semi-final match will be declared “without competition” and the team which will win the other. semi-final match will be declared CFP national champion.

… Semi-finals of the playoffs (Cotton and Orange Bowls) if three teams are not available to play – The semi-final match in which two teams cannot play would be declared “without competition”. In the other semi-final match, the team unable to play loses the match and its opponent will be declared CFP national champion.

… CFP National Championship – If the unavailability of the team is determined after the semi-finals of the playoffs have been held, the national championship game in Indianapolis may be rescheduled until Friday, January 14th. If one team is able to play and the other is not and the match cannot be rescheduled or is rescheduled and cannot be played, then the team unable to play will forfeit and the other team will be declared CFP national champion. If both teams are unable to play on an original or postponed date, then the match will be declared “no competition” and the CFP National Championship will be canceled for that season.

Pickens tested positive

Recipient Georges pickens recently tested positive for Covid-19, confirmed. Pickens joins quarterback JT Daniels as players who tested positive in recent days.

Pickens posted a message on Instagram saying that a subsequent test reported a negative result, although he later deleted it. Pickens has appeared in Georgia’s last two games against Georgia Tech and Alabama after recovering from an ACL tear suffered last spring.

UGA targeting the port

The Head Coach Smart kirby had conversations with 2023 class athlete Nyckoles Harbor (Archbishop Carroll / Washington, DC) at least once a week. It is clear that the second athlete in his class will be a priority.

Harbor said one of Georgia’s main contenders for it happens to be Michigan, the program’s opponent in the Orange Bowl.

Hoops: Georgia collapses at the end of the defeat

Holding an 8-point lead with four minutes remaining, East Tennessee State rallied to defeat Georgia 86-84. The Buccaneers outscored the Bulldogs 12-2 in the 3:39 final of the game.

“We have to find a way to play a 40 minute game with defensive pressure, with a D transition, and just get into the people,” the head coach Tom crean noted. “It was a starting lineup as good as the one we have faced this year. We were going to have to be defensive from the start because of the way their keepers shoot. “

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