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I went to the Pittsburgh Steelers preseason home opener on Saturday night. OK, that’s a bite to eat. While I was there, however, I couldn’t have cared less about the game. Don’t get me wrong, I had a blast – Heinz Field is a beautiful stadium, my seats were awesome and I was able to pass. a night out with my brother – but I had something else on my mind. The Phillies were playing and Aaron Nola was in the middle of a perfect match offer.

Neither Nola nor our team were victorious on Saturday night – the Steelers could never be my team, although the $ 120 I gave up on a Ben Roethlisberger shirt is different – but they were on Sunday when the Rhys Hoskins’ comeback helped them roll the Padres 7-4. However, all things must have an equal and opposite reaction (or whatever that statement may be, don’t ask me I can barely turn on my laptop) and with the arrival of Hoskins came the departure of the 3rd baseman. decried Alec Bohm, demoted to AAA after struggling for much of the year. Hopefully the former first-round pick can regain his confidence – he’s far too talented to be knocked down by the noise in his head, of which there seems to be a lot. I think we can all point out. Plus, the Phillies are going to need him for years to come.

If this blog post sounds curvy, well, that’s because it is. While my love for this team has not waned, the motivation to find new angles for the stories has taken a hit. Yes, Zach Elfin’s potential return this week would help the Phils, and winning two of the Padres’ 3 was great, but it could be for nothing. The Phillies took inspiration from the city they visited last week – they died in the wilderness handing 3 games over to the humble Diamondbacks, then rose like a Phoenix to win the series against San Diego. Their banter in the desert left them 5 games at the Braves in the division standings.

It is starting to sound too familiar. It doesn’t help that last fall I returned from another trip to Pittsburgh, listening to the sound of Phillies playoff dreams fading at the hands of the Tampa Bay Rays. They play the Rays on Tuesday night. Ugh.

For the Phillies, it’s not like success breeds more success. Instead, wins bring expectations, which are suffocated by losses and lead to frustration – an insidious cycle that is propelled by this team winning just enough to keep them in the mix.

There’s no amount of insight, research, or good old-fashioned complaints I can do to fix this team – it’s about as helpful as yelling at the screen while watching a movie. So let’s have fun instead.

The show I screamed the most while watching this summer, Netflix’s Outer Banks Season 2, is gone – but I don’t feel like it. Although I finished the show weeks ago, nothing has flooded my social media feed more (read my For You page on TikTok) than Outer Banks content. The show is by no means perfect – the writing is choppy, the actual word logic doesn’t seem to apply, and the special effects are kind of stuck in 2006 – but for a fun teen adventure show, this worth the pain. Maybe I’m just a sucker for the quick shots of South Carolina and Barbados. Either way, the Phillies in their quest for the division title found themselves in a similar position to the Pogues at the end of season two – stranded, rudderless, but not hopeless.

Without further ado, let’s break down the OBX characters that best match our Phillies stars.

* Keep in mind that this is not an exhaustive or even official list – which deserves a lot more time and effort – but rather just an exercise to clear my mind of the state of this team

John B – Bryce Harper

It’s an obvious choice – John B is the leader of the Pogues just as Bryce is the leader of his group of friends, although he is a larger and much richer group of men who might not all be friends. Like John B, Bryce can be a bit egotistical – he’s the show’s leader after all – but he’s a good friend, low-key, and constantly has his eye on the prize: the Golden Cross of Santo Domingo. . I mean a playoff spot. Same thing.

JJ Maybank – JT Realmuto

Another slam-dunk choice – just as John B and JJ are best friends on the show, Realmuto and Harper love each other too. However, the JJ-JT comparison goes beyond their friendships, it is a testament to the talent the fictional character and the Phillies wide receiver both displayed. Like Realmuto, the fictional JJ is both smart and capable of great feats – he got a getaway boat for John B and Sarah Cameron at the end of the first season – but is hampered by his vices (drinking, impulsive behavior, spontaneous stupidity). While Realmuto’s talent is undisputed as a BCIB, his fatal ‘flaws’ have partly clouded that talent this year – lingering injuries have caused mechanical issues in his swing and he has yet to generate a lasting attack. this season. Perhaps the biggest reason JT looks the most like JJ is because of his teammate, Harper – as the two Pogues, JT and Harper are both great on their own, but they’re even better together.

Pope Heyward – Zach Wheeler

While it can be argued that Wheeler – Cy Young’s nominee and perhaps the team’s best player this season – is more akin to JJ or even beloved villain Rafe Cameron, he’s Pope. Heyward who best represents Wheeler. Why? Because Pope, like Wheeler, is the linchpin of season two. Pope’s role in the series exploded from a supporting character in the first season to another star in the second season – not only does the show focus on her ancestral connection to the treasure everyone is chasing (it is an ancestor of Denmark Tanny, the former freed slave who discovered and later hid the treasure), but we also see Pope develop emotionally as a character. Wheeler, like Pope, rose from running mate to ace in his second season with the Phillies.

Kiara Carrera – Rhys Hoskins

If I’m being honest, the character of Kiara can get on my nerves. Like Rhys Hoskins, I liked him better in his first season. In season two, her attitude and jokes got on my nerves and I wasn’t sure what she had brought to the Pogues – and maybe I resented her a little for not being done with it. Pope. What I can’t ignore, however, is her efforts and loyalty to the group – she routinely rescinded her parents’ wishes to help her friends steal her father’s truck to save Pope despite the threat of his parents send him to nature therapy. It’s easy to get frustrated with Hoskins – he has infuriating 0s streaks both – but his presence in the roster, as we saw on Sunday, is critical to the Phillies’ success.

As I said earlier, this list is neither perfect nor official – it will surely require future drafts. There are stars that I missed because I didn’t know where to place them – Jean Segura as Rafe Cameron? Andrew McCutchen as Sarah Cameron? Joe Girardi as Deputy Shoupe? There’s a lot more thinking to do in there – which could be a good thing because that, you know, keeps me from really thinking about this team.

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