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Aisha Thompkins, Credit Expert and CEO. Photo by Aisha Thompkins

As she sits behind her desk on a Wednesday morning, even the woman she was three years ago couldn’t imagine life going the way it did.

Aisha Thompkins thought she had it all figured out when she graduated from Florida A&M University in 2016. She had spent two to four years working on campus to earn her bachelor’s degree in c.riminaljustice with a minor in sociology. Her graduate plans changed when she took an externship and realized that becoming a probation officer was not at all what she expected.

I did an externship with Florida State to become a probation officer and it was miserable. I would sit in my car for an hour before I walked into this place because most of the officers were depressed,” Thompkins said. I had the feeling that they didn’tI didn’t like what they were doing or they went to school for it like me and felt they had to because they had a degree in it and I didn’tI don’t want to do it after that.

The now board-certified credit expert had to go through a lot of steps before revamping her version of happiness.

First step: find a job. Thompkins accepted an entry-level office job at an assisted living facility for the elderly. Underpaid and overqualified, she began following her boss who would prepare her for the position of office manager that she is now. Although she went from bottom to top in a short time, she needed more.

Reconnecting with her passion for helping people, she began to pursue a new career in credit. The self-proclaimed girl with numbers” saw firsthand the importance of credit when she wanted to make a big purchase — her first home.

This led to BAE financial solutions.The credit repair and budgeting company focuses on construction and education, hence the acronym BAE.

Not only do we build your credit, but we educate you on these processes, ensuring you understand credit so you can educate your family and loved ones and build generational wealth,” Thompkins said.

Since starting her business, Thompkins has found joy in being able to help others.

Jacquelyn Cain, a BAE client, loves the optimism she gets with her professional services.

When it comes to a sensitive topic like credit, it can get depressing. Aisha has a way of making everything seem OK,” Cain said.

After three months of existence, the company took off. With a current list of nearly 30 clients and two free local seminars under its belt, BAE is already sharing its knowledge and making a name for itself.

Power of Credit attendee DaBra Loften appreciates the value of event information.

I really learn so much! I thought I knew a lot but I learned so much more. Aisha Thompkins helps me always hear Approved,” read a Facebook comment from Loften.

Bad credit is a problem that plagues many Americans. For more information on credit and services, visit


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