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125 years ago, 1897

Taken directly from the Youngstown Vindicator:

“A sleepwalker. Mrs Theresa Uehlinger of Plum Street walks alone from her home to the hospital. She is wearing nightwear and socks – her condition is now considered serious.

“A case of sleepwalking was brought to the attention of authorities early this morning, and for several hours the whereabouts of Mrs. Theresa Uehlinger, wife of George Uehlinger, of 325 Plum Street, were unknown. She had walked from her Plum Street home to the City Hospital, which is quite a distance away, in nothing but socks and nightwear, and as a result her condition is now considered precarious. The exact time she left the house is unknown to her husband.

“As soon as he found her missing, word was passed on to law enforcement authorities. Albert Banks was on the West Side beat, where the woman resides. He searched everywhere for her. Soon she was located at the hospital in the city.

“Her husband was notified immediately and the woman was treated with all possible haste. She was later questioned and gave no reason why she had left home to go to hospital, saying she did not know what she was doing.

“Mrs. Uehlinger is 55 and has been disabled for five years. Her illness seems to have baffled the doctors and lately she has had a number of operations, all of which seemed to do little good. The nature of her illness is pain intense located in the head and chest.

“For the past three years, Ms. Uehlinger has been in bed almost continuously. She had been a patient in the hospital last week and on Thursday evening she returned home.

“Never before had she walked in her sleep. She said the pain was so intense it almost drove her mad. Her condition is cause for concern. Her husband is a barber and runs a business on Mill Street It is believed that the long walk the way she took it may prove fatal, as the weather was unusually cold.

40 years ago, 1982

The eyes of the sports world were on Niles as Edward J. DeBartolo Jr. received Sandalini’s Man of the Year award at his annual sports banquet. More than 800 people were in attendance for the ceremony held at the VIP Entertainment Complex and nearly 30 of them paid their respects to DeBartolo.

Los Angeles Dodgers manager Tommy Lasorda was joined by several other managers, including Chuck Tanner of the Pittsburgh Pirates and Dave Garcia of the Cleveland Indians. Several local sports stars also joined the event, including former Youngstown State University star Ron Jaworski and Ray “Boom Boom” Mancini.

Tributes poured in for several hours, but no one in the massive crowd seemed agitated. Edward J. DeBartolo Sr. made the official presentation to his son. They stood in front of the Super Bowl XVI trophy, which DeBartolo Jr.’s San Francisco 49ers had just won.

“I want to thank my family, to whom I owe everything and last but not least to all of my friends here tonight,” DeBartolo Jr. said as he accepted the award.

• Compiled from the archives of The Vindicator by Traci Manning, curator of education for the Mahoning Valley Historical Society.

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