West Leechburg will see a tax hike under the new school district budget


Part of the Leechburg Area School District will see a property tax increase for the next school year.

Principals passed a $15.5 million budget that will raise property taxes in West Leechburg by 6.85 mills, an increase of nearly 6%.

Property taxes will remain the same at 71.50 Mills in Leechburg and Gilpin, representing the Armstrong County portion of the school district.

West Leechburg’s increase is due to tax equalization practiced by school districts that cover two different counties and two property assessment standards.

Property owners in West Leechburg will see some consolation as the homestead/farm exclusion for qualifying properties will increase by $70 to $328.33.

The vote was 9-0.

The school district expects at least a $400,000 grant from the state that will help address a $716,000 shortfall.

In addition, the school board has adopted a five-year agreement with the SEIU that will cover janitorial, catering and maintenance employees from July 1 to June 30, 2027.

Employees in each of these three sectors will receive an annual salary increase of 3%.

The board also approved an hourly rate of pay of $11 for backup custodians.

George Guido is a contributing writer for Tribune-Review.


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