Where will the Nittany Lions class of 2022 be ranked on National Signing Day?



After three engagements in three weeks, Penn State fans couldn’t ask for much more on the scouting track.

Currently, the Nittany Lions sit second in the Class of 2022, and next year’s class is off to a fantastic start as well, with three players who not only hold a four-star rating, but also rank in the Rivals250. .

With just one home game this month in two weeks against Illinois, campus recruiting is expected to slow down a bit from the past four weeks, but there will still be plenty to watch. Now that we’ve hit halfway through high school in most states, we see James franklin and his team offers many scholarship offers to players who impressed on the film. Staff are also expected to come out and spot many of their top prospects next week.

But for today’s mailbag, there was a good mix between the 2022 and 2023 class. I picked the top four questions and answered them below.

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The Penn State Nittany Lions football class of 2022 ranks second overall in the country according to Rivals.com.
Commitment to football Penn State Nittany Lion Kaden Saunders is one of the few players who has the potential to contribute early in their careers.

What is the ranking of the Penn States ’22 class on the day of signing? Is there anyone currently in the class that you think will not be at the start of next year’s fall camp? @DtotheF

At the moment, I would say probably just outside the top five.

If you look at the top 10 right now, you’ll notice Texas and Oregon are third and fourth, respectively, with 22 and 21 entries. The totals for each school are important to note because the Rivals leaderboards only count the top 20 players in each class.

So while both schools could still overtake Penn State, Texas would have to add a four-star prospect, as the points they currently have for their lowest-ranked player would be deducted from the current total. Oregon would probably need a four star or maybe even two to get over Penn State. So what I’m saying here is that PSU can realistically end up being ranked higher than these two teams.

But when you look further down and see Alabama with just 15 commits, Georgia with 17, and Ohio State with just 14, all of these schools are poised to finish ahead of the Nittany Lions. Ohio State is expected to turn 21 or 22 this year, while Georgia plans to have a full class. LSU is also on track to overtake Penn State, but with Ed Oregon maybe in the hot seat, that could impact some things.

So I think somewhere just outside the top five makes the most sense. Maybe sixth or seventh, something like that. If Penn State can add St. Frances linebacker Jaishawn Barham, that will increase their point total a bit, but when you subtract the 60 points for the lowest-ranked player who would retire, that wouldn’t increase them significantly. . As currently ranked, Barham’s commitment would be worth 156 points, which would add 96 to Penn State’s total.

As for potential releases, so far, everything is fine. There are a few schools pushing for some of the PSU engagements to take a visit, and I’ve been told that cornerback Jordan Allen visited LSU last week, although the Tigers have yet to offer.

That said, I haven’t heard anything currently that makes me think Allen or anyone is seriously considering a change. The story says someone will likely sign elsewhere, but the class is doing quite well in early October.

Who do you think has the ability in the 2022 class to make the biggest impact early on for the Nittany Lions on the pitch? @RyanCFurness

Skill positions are usually the best place to start for questions like this, as it is difficult for players to be physically ready for the Big Ten game when they graduate from high school. That’s why I wouldn’t choose someone like Dani Dennis-Sutton right now. He’s going to be a great player, but it’s hard to make an impact on the defensive line within months of graduation. He shouldn’t register early either. When you add last year’s canceled season and his injury this year, I think I worked with John scott would be good. However, physically he is certainly ahead of most defensive teams nationwide. there is no doubt.

I still feel like the wide receiver is the safe choice, and this class is full of some really good ones. We’ve seen Jahan Dotson and Parker Washington make some serious contributions as freshmen, so why can’t one of the current commits do the same? Basically Kaden Saunders is the most advanced of this group, so I’ll go with him, but I wouldn’t be surprised if any of the other receivers impress early on.

I’ll also note that Alex Bacchetta could absolutely be the Penn State punter next season. I know a lot of people think Drew Allar could potentially start at quarterback, but I think that’s a big request.

What does the RB table look like for ’23? Will it be a tough sell with the Allen / Singleton duo signed for ’22? @TheWizardofCamelot

I don’t feel like there’s a guy or two to really focus on right now. With Nick Singleton and Kaytron Allen both engaged, Ja’Juan Seider and staff will be able to take their time in this position in 2023.

Based on the deals they’ve made so far, North Carolina native Daylan Smothers makes the most sense after his visit in June. He praised this summer’s visit, but he’s in no rush at all and needs to see other schools. I believe he visited Tennessee for Pitt’s game last month, while South Carolina has also hosted him before.

But Smothers was the only candidate in 2023 to make an unofficial visit to Penn State in June or July, so there is still a lot to work out in the post. Penn State gifted Bishop McDevitt with running back Marquese Williams, and he attended the game against Auburn a few weeks ago. I’m still trying to get a feel for his interest.

In addition to those two, they came up with 11 other running backs, most of whom are national hopefuls who live outside the region, so only time will tell if any of them emerge as an option. serious. Penn State has hosted a few regional running backs like Marques Hicks (Cherry Hill, NJ), Eryck Moore-Watkins (Pittsburgh) and Jaheim White (York, Pa) for visits so far this season, but it’s clear that d ‘other deals will go at some point once they’ve seen enough on this season’s movie.

QB 2023 commit prediction? @ BaseballStars2

Much like the running back, there isn’t really a single player who really stands out when it comes to Penn State being a clear favorite. I’m convinced Detroit’s Dante Moore is the staff’s first target, but he won’t be easy to land. Michigan and Notre Dame feel like 1A and 1B at the moment, although Penn State feels good about the progress they have made with him since his first visit in July.

If I had to choose the more realistic option, I would probably go for Jaden Rashada from Pittsburg, CA. In July, Rashada paid for his trip across the country to make an unofficial visit to Penn State, which at the time caught my attention, simply because we don’t see this often. Penn State welcomes players from the West Coast, but the majority of these visits are paid for by the school.

So when Rashada returned for the Auburn game a few weeks ago, you can’t help but think that Mike Yurcich clearly does a great job here. As I ask around, I get the impression that Ole Miss is Penn State’s main contender right now.

As far as a true prediction goes, there is simply too much to do yet. But I’m convinced that these two are the players that fans need to focus on the most.

Another player I’m going to note is Cam Edge from Smyrna, Del. Edge visited both this summer and also attended the game against Ball State. I wouldn’t be surprised if he returned to State College for another game this season, as he appears to have a serious interest in the Nittany Lions as well.


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